Re Zero volume 9 week 1

Re Zero Volume 9 Week 1

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Start Date: September 29, 2020
Previous Chapter: none
Next Chapter: Re Zero Volume 9 week 2

Week 1 Reading: End of chapter 1 part 7, page 58 (46 pages)

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Well. He had me fooled for a hot page there with that intro. One book is quite enough to re-do, honestly. :eyes:

Spoiler for chapter 1.1. :sweat_smile:


Where’s the “I will binge the whole book during the last week” option? :upside_down_face:


You could binge during the first week and then just use the mrahhal option. :eyes:

So that was a nice first chapter. :slight_smile:

I like how (part 6 I think… Possibly 7) the perspective switches to Emilia towards the end and we get to see the result instead of going through things again.

That scene (part 7)with the kids at the end was really cute~~ and white robed stranger was really obvious, but then again Emilia doesn’t have any reason to suspect Subaru isn’t still in the city. ^^

Why are those last 2 pages of chapter 1 not part of this week’s reading @mrahhal? D:

I read them anyway because that’s just mean. also that 3 week plan



Wha, you’re right. I slipped, I didn’t notice the chapter ending was this close. I can and will do better in the future :pensive:

You people are getting a bit too close to arc 4, it won’t do for my position if you catch up, so it’s time for me to unpause at full throttle.

This week spoiler

So just to be sure according to Julius, Betelgeuse ability allows him to possess one of the fingers with a ritual that transfers his memory and overwrite the finger’s memory. Right?


Pretty much yes.

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Next week is up

Re Zero Volume 9 Week 2

I had a bug with the poll so I had to delete it to do it again so don’t be surprise if your answer to the poll in this thread diseappeared

Well, this is day 1 of me catching up, probably at a pace of two weeks+ per day.
I’m just here to say thank the Witch for save points.




Finished this week’s reading. Better late than never :sweat_smile:

So, it left off with people evacuating from the village, but I’m wondering how they avoided the witch cult infiltrating the merchants this time. I thought they were there from the start but now I’m thinking they infiltrated later when Subaru and others were found out by the witch cult. Since they evacuated this time before encountering the witch cult. Ok, I think I answered my own question lol.


Ah no, they were indeed there from the start. [might be future week spoiler]Subaru knew who they were, though, so he gave them fake information so that they would be away when the evacuation happens.


If I remember correctly, there was a scene where we see Subaru in the cloak next to some cult watchers. They attempt to contact the rest of the cult via mirrors or something like that when they notice the evacuation happen earlier than expected, but get taken out before they can.