Re Zero Volume 1 Week 7

Re Zero Volume 1 Week 7

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Start Date: August 12
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Week 7 Reading: Until the end of part 2 of chapter 5

Word lists - Learn the vocabulary for Re Zero!

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Time: Saturday 10 PM(Japan), 9 AM(USA), 3PM Europe.

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  • Please use spoiler tags for major events in the current chapter(s) and any content in future chapters.
  • When asking for help, please mention the chapter and page number. Also mention what version of the book you are reading.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarassing at first. All of us are here to learn.
  • To you lurkers out there: Join the conversation, it’s fun! :durtle_vin:
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Haven’t started reading this week part, but we are getting so close to the end!

By the way, the premise of this book really reminds me of the game kindergarten, where the player is just looping Monday until they figure out how to reach the best ending. It’s a lot of fun and route planning to get others in the right place at the right time.


Sounds interesting?! Never heard of it!

On the topic of re:ゼロ, I was so hopelessly behind that I decided to reread. :sweat_drops:

So far I reread the 1st weeks content in 2 days~ if I can keep it up for week 2, it’s not gonna set me back too much and might set me up for success with the rest of the book…which I have only read parts of when I joined the discord meetings.

I remember having to look up 召喚 every single time it came up when I first read it, and this time around it feels natural already. Progress? :smiley:

Anyway, just felt like posting here even if because I’m hopelessly behind and can’t contribute to this week’s discussion.


I actually also learned that word from re:zero! From trying to understand the blurb that’s on the back of the book(and the website I was looking at then, I didn’t actually buy the book until recently) ages ago though, back when I was nowhere near ready to actually read it, so not from actually reading it.

It feels a bit unnecessary to make a new post just for commenting on this week’s reading, so I’ll just continue in this post and also say that I read this week’s stuff.

I got the same impression back when I watched the anime too, but エルザ can really take a lot(or well, since she’s technically not hit by most of it, maybe it’d be more correct that she really can deal with a lot of stuff). Oh, and nice that we stopped in the middle of a fight for maximum cliffhanger :grinning:


If you think about it, it’s actually really surprising that Re: Zero didn’t start as a visual novel. Its premise is perfectly designed for that medium.


Well, that’s one word less to learn to be able to read 新世界より (that’s where I learned it, by the way). :stuck_out_tongue:


召喚 is on WaniKani too, level 51.


I’ve very bad at remembering what is and isn’t on WK. (Also, I read the first volume of 新世界より when I was in my 30s, WK-wise)


Figured as much. :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally had time to read this week’s content.

Finally the big showdown! It looks like スバル chanced on a course of action that might work. I’m kinda surprised that ラインハルト isn’t involved, since I felt that he was going to be necessary to win the fight. At the same time, there isn’t enough book left to make another reboot this time around :thinking:

On a non-spoiler topic, I felt this week’s content was pretty hard compared to what we have seen so far. More than a few times I had to pause and re-read a sentence. Is it just me?


I tend to have to do that every now and then while reading this in general, but it did feel like there were a few sentences that took some extra puzzling before it really felt like I got them this week, so it’s probably not just you.


I gathered over a hundred new words in just 2 days’ worth of reading so yeah, I feel you.


I’ve read week 3’s part. :eyes:

At the rate I’m going it looks like I won’t be able to finish with you guys. I’ll be happy if I manage to finish the week after without burning out, honestly.

Are you SRSing all of those?


I need a bit more to finish week 3 :eyes:
Honestly it’s disheartening having to go back this far to continue reading while seeing the rest almost done with the book :sweat:


You probably already know this, but just reading what you can is in no way a bad thing, even if you’re behind! I’d say there’s nothing wrong with it even if you keep being behind for the whole series, even, but I imagine you’ll eventually get faster if you keep going.

We’ll also be reading less than usual for the final week and then have a 1 week break, so you’ll be able to catch up a little bit then if you want to :slight_smile:
(and for something farther off in the future if this reading group manages to survive long enough to get there, I imagine people who are behind may get a good opportunity to catch up on the main series a bit if the group reads any of the short story collections since I’m guessing those won’t be as important to the main plot. That’s still a ways off though)


I had fourteen hours of travel today and I forgot to download re zero on my kindle :upside_down_face:
So instead of catching up I ended up just reading manga and suffering


That seems kind of strangely appropriate in a way, considering which series it is :thinking:


There’s no more iconic duo than international travel & extreme agony


Wouldn’t have happened with a real* book. :eyes:
And by real, I mean physical.

Where are you at in the book?

I know what you mean. :sweat_smile: At least we’re in this together. :wink:


Thanks! I just needed this kind of reply i guess, haha.

I might actually be more interested in the EX novels so it’s suffering all the way through :joy:

Thing is, I love to use ReZero as intensive study because of its vocabs. I like to analyse every single construct. That’s why it takes me a bit more time than usual. Might have to revert back to just normal reading, but I will hate myself.