Re Zero volume 3 week 4

Re Zero Volume 3 Week 4

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Week 4 Reading: Till end of chapter 3, page 172

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@mrahhal ooh, we’re back! :joy:


Oh god not again :joy::joy:


… wow, I’m the only one reading along, then… :rofl:


The rest of us will catch up eventually!

And hey, if you have some interesting discussions with yourself about the content, the rest of us will have something to look forward to when we get here!


Wow I was not expecting that. Everyone is taking the jlpt test or something? Maybe I should have tried it ha ha.


I have a 12 hours flight from Tokyo in a couple of days, I have some 70 pages to read, I’m hoping I can let go of looking up every word I don’t know so that I can get back on track :sweat:


Something like that, yeah. What with prep taking up most of my brain power, I never finished week 2, haha. Counting this week that’s probably 80-90 pages? Something around there. :smiley:

Ooh, that sounds like the perfect amount of time to catch up! :joy: (because who even can sleep on the plane? :eyes:)


Exactly, even though those 12 hours start exactly at midnight, I’m pretty sure I won’t sleep. Hopefully I’ll be able to use them this time


I’m reading along too. For some reason I didn’t get a notification for this week’s thread being posted :sweat_smile:

Edit: just noticed that I hadn’t set the previous thread to ‘Watching’. :sweat_smile:


In other news my prediction was correct, it seems (not done yet). I’m satisfied :stuck_out_tongue:


Just sat down and finished the chapter and didn’t, they are actually 鬼s! Like, the red and blue one! I thought it was just a case of Colour-coded for your convenience. I don’t remember exactly the story スバル told about the blue and red 鬼s, but now I understand why ラム was arguing so much about it. Also, I wish I remembered when was the last time he used his expression 鬼がかる, but I now understand why it’s super effective.

Edit: also, in the OP

Week 2 Reading: Till end of chapter 3, page 136

Week 4, page 172
And the link in the main thread isn’t up to date :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit edit: I also want to thanks @mrahhal from doing the page break and thus saving me from being spoiled by this week’s illustration :slight_smile:


I was really concerned about someone else doing it exactly because of such instances. This becomes exponentially more important as we progress in volumes as well. You’re welcome :relieved:

Also, by some miracle I also just finished this chapter. Am back in the game!


I wish I remembered when was the last time he used his expression 鬼がかる

That happens first when Rem and Subaru were walking back from the village, in volume 2. Right at the illustration where Rem smiles.


Ah, so it was with レム too :thinking: Interesting.


I actually told my tutor about the story of the red and blue demons when it came up and she said it was from an old folklore tale called 泣いた赤鬼. Here is a simplified version:

泣いた赤鬼 - 童話 - YouTube

Though, I believe スバルs version was more brutal and the blue demon died in the process, or something to that effect.

In regards to 鬼がかる, it’s the same meaning as 神がかる but sounds cooler. Whether it’s a coincidence, or not, I cannot say.


Oh, yeah, now I remember.

Well, that’s what he thought at least :joy: I wonder if he had said the same thing knowing who he was talking to…


Next week is up


Finally done with this week~ Possibly I might yet finish this year maybe?!

Anyway, everything’s happening and I finally got to read everyone’s spoilers. Yay~ :smiley:


It turns out reading everyone’s old comments for each part while catching up is indeed pretty nice :+1:


And thank you for all the likes in the process :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t hesitate to add your thoughts whenever.