Re Zero Volume 8 week 3

Re Zero Volume 8 Week 3

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Start Date: August 24, 2020
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Week 3 Reading: End of chapter 2

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Time: Saturday 7 PM(Japan), 5AM(USA), 12PM Europe.(could change if needed)

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I made this thread earlier than usual because I will not be able to do it in time next week. I indicated in the OP this is for August 24 so you don’t need to touch it before that. I just wanted to have it out before rather than too late


The link to week 2 actually jumps to week 1.


Corrected. Sorry I did that pretty late


Yep, something did indeed happen :slight_smile:

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I’m back guys sorry for the wait. I can correct the mistake in the tread links now.

On another note that book is getting harder and harder to read. Sometime I’m just wishing to be saturday so that I read other book that are easier. I still like Re Zero don’t get me wrong but it’s getting harder and harder.


My first question is not a grammar stuff but to be sure I got it right. When the women 「怠惰」 speak with Subaru she mentioned that it’s not rare for archbishops to fight between themselves. Have I got it correct? (sorry I just feel lazy and don’t want to rewrite the entire sentences)

second question : when Subaru is blaming himself(again) then Whilhelm try to encourage him Bookwalker P.159
even if there is one intelligent human, it wouldn’t seem to be good?
I don’t get the 良さそうなもんのに part at all.
さそう= seems like
なもん= なもの maybe?
のに= even though? (Too many meaning to that のに)

The action starts. Surprise Betelgeuse is back. Seems like when he dies he can just go into one of his 指. I wonder why. interesting enough some of these scenes were not into the anime or were just changed. I tried to look at the anime to help me understand some parts then they are not there. T.T I eventually got them. The hard part for me is the action scenes in which there are a lot and the technical speech in their war meeting. These are the two things there are in that book. I manage somehow but it’s burning my energy faster than usual. Julius is climbing up in my favorite character ranking. He seems more bro than what was shown in the last arc.

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For some reason I missed that this thread was made, I usually do read them even though I’m behind.


I think the のに there is confusing you because it’s an incomplete phrase. You know how the “must do” clauses usually omit the second phrase? Like もう行かないと(いけない) or もう行かなくちゃ(いけない). This is the same thing, and with のに it’s a very common pattern. The direct translation would be “Even though it would’ve been a good thing if there were just one clever person… (in reality that’s not the case)”. The のに there implies that whatever is stated before it doesn’t happen/doesn’t exist/isn’t a thing but it would’ve been nice if it had, implying a nuance of regret. I’d translate the phrase with this nuance as “If only there were just one clever person…”

As for もん you’re right, it is a casual version of もの. I think it’s common in Subaru’s speech to shorten and slur a lot of his words. As for the meaning of that, in this case I think it’s just a way to emphasize what he thinks or feels. (ものだ-ものじゃない-mono-da-mono-janai-meaning/). You can use this for reference too:もの-expressions/

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Thx for the help.

Probably because it was made the same week as the last one

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