Re Zero Volume 2 week 7

Re Zero Volume 2 Week 7

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Start Date: October 21
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Week 6 Reading: Until the end of chapter 5 part 7

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Time: Saturday 10 PM(Japan), 9 AM(USA), 3PM Europe.

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The beginning of chapter 5 is so depressing. :sob: The scene with him waking up to the twins again and then later his talk with エミリア… :sob:

Also, can I just say mysterious entity?! That one surprised me a bit, though I was already half expecting some interference.

I just read part 3, and have a question about a phrase used by スバル. (around 80% of the book if that’s any help)

イエスかダー is what I don’t quite get. Yes or… Da? It’s either ‘yes or no’ , or a take on ‘am I right or am I right?’ Da could mean yes in Russian and some other languages, but I’m really lost on this one. :joy:


I think it’s exactly that! It seems ダー shows up a bit in Japanese from Russian.


Ooh, that’s neat. It makes sense there’s be some loanwords from Russian since it’s so close but that’s an interesting use. :smile:


I don’t know why but for a few day now i’m just reading double the ammount I usually read. I wonder if the part i’m reading is just easier. It’s becoming so easy to understand I have no idea if it’s me or the book. I just like it :smile:


I’m also getting through more pages without feeling as much -or any- of the strain I did in the beginning! I think we might just be getting used to the style/words/grammar patters this author likes to use. :muscle:

Let’s just go with that one k?

Still gonna keep my vote on not increasing the pace for now I think, since I’d like to keep reading other books, too. xD I’ll probably want to go for 45 pages for volume 4. :thinking:


The difference is a single week… so it’s not really worth it if people aren’t filling like it.
On the other hand, I’d be willing to go much faster, whenever you all are ready :eyes:

Also, that scene in the bed when he tells Emilia to just go away broke my heart in many pieces, and then stepped repeatedly on the pieces.
Other places as well, but I don’t remember if they are part of this week or not, so I’ll leave it at that.


Right after he thinks about sharing his suffering with another only because he reached his limits, Subaru’s powerlessness here is truly heartbreaking.


last week is up guys. It’s time to give it your all


Oh boy, the last sprint. We can do it, me! 頑張るぞ!


Later addition: I didn’t make it :frowning_face: Hopefully I can finish before next week.


頑張ってください ;-;


ファイト! :muscle:


sorry for the wait I forgot ha ha

remember to not spoil and to be respectful. :stuck_out_tongue:



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I know sorry had a busy weekend ha ha.

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