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Start Date: April 20, 2020
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Week 6 Reading: Till end of chapter 5 part 5

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Just finish this week reading and stuff get real


Reeeeeeemmmmmmmm T.T That moment was awful in the anime. The moment that made me hate Petelgeuse. For some reason, I like him now though. I also just realize while seeing his name someone that his name was Petelgeuse and not Betelgeuse. My mind refused to hear that “P” sound for a long time now ha ha. Anyway hardcore chapter this week. For those who thought nothing was happening ad wanted some action. I had some trouble understanding Petelgeuse from time to time but I don’t know if it because, what he was saying was hard to understand or he his just crazy. But you gotta admit he his better than the Felix for healing mental problem. He his using the same method as the other guys who use the undrunken slap. VIOLENCE. Seems like violence is the solution to mental problem.


Oops, I should probably get reading too.


Yes, this week was interesting :slight_smile:


I have to admit I too didn’t understand alot of what Petelgeuse was saying. He kept referring to his fingers and how they somehow relate to what’s happening. Especially his ring finger. When he broke the bone in his finger, it somehow represented a test and symbol of the witch’s affection. He also kept calling people 怠惰 (which actually fit the context at times), which he did initially introduce himself as. I feel like if we read the ‘gospel’ that he kept referring to, maybe we would understand what the hell he’s talking about :joy:

I agree Petelgeuse did seem to understand Subaru’s state of mind. He kept pushing the right buttons, until Subaru finally started speaking words. Namely 殺す! :stuck_out_tongue: I wonder if it’s because they are both influenced by the witch’s power, that gave him some insight into Subaru’s mind. He was able to recognise that Subaru held alot of the witch’s affection and that made him insanely jealous. Also, he called Subaru 傲慢 which fits Subaru’s personality perfectly :joy:


Probably that Petegeuse means that he will do anything for the witch even killing oneself. The fact that he his giving his ring finger is because when you marry someone you put a ring on the ring finger. I suppose he will devoted his love only to the witch.

But then again he’s crazy so…

one thing that seemed like a metaphor was when he was talking about even if you lose one finger the four of them will rejoin the other. I wonder what he meant by that? Is he talking about some sheep mentality or some later stuff that happens?


I think you accidentally forgot to separate your post from the quote.

Anyway, that does make more sense that he is giving up his ring finger as a devotion, because of the symbolism of marriage with that finger.

I didn’t really understand it, but now that you mention it, it might be a metaphor when he was talking about when losing one finger, they will rejoin. Maybe he meant that even though he would lose witch cult members, there will always be more to join in the future. So yeah, I guess you could call that sheep mentality


are you sure you haven’t written that? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Cause never make mistakes


Well, not exactly. He was wondering if he was (the cardinal sins priest in charge of) 傲慢, since that’s the only one who’s face he doesn’t know. He then thinks not, based on Subaru’s attitude and is at a loss as to who the heck he is supposed to be.

In any case, I am also wondering very hard if Subaru isn’t indeed intended to become 傲慢, but is still “in training”, so to speak.

Also, I wonder if the assassin (?) in the first book is related to 色欲 (lust) considering how she behaved and her fixation on pain.

Finally, the witch is 嫉妬の魔女, which fits the pattern, but does not seem to put her above the rest. Is there a 魔女 for each cardinal sin that we do not know of? Is she actually one of the 司教? Or is it simply that in Re:Zero’s universe 嫉妬 is above the rest? Well, I guess we’ll figure it out at some point.


Just wanted to say I’m sorry I’m not as active, I’m forcefully having to get away from all social platforms for a while, but I’m still at least trying to read the discussions.


I think that’s a bit off. He seemed to be talking about actual people who happened to be called [something] finger?


It has been stated by Beatrice way back that 嫉妬の魔女 devoured all the other 6 魔女s and drained half the world, a long time ago, before she was sealed away. I guess this is the extent of our knowledge regarding this so far.


I do remember that from the anime. Wait does that mean he killed one of his 影 then called him 薬指


I hope everything is good. I was sure you were too busy reading all the Rezero book. I believe you finished the 8 one not long ago.


Life’s getting a bit more crammed so I decided to sacrifice socializing a bit more! ;-;
It was that or reading so it was an easy choice :joy:

Haha no I just started it, still on track to reach arc 4 right with S2 so all’s good.


Oh, yeah, I vaguely remember that now, I think. At least, I do remember the eating half of the world part. For the other 6 witches, I simply didn’t make the connection with the 7 capital sins until very recently, so I probably didn’t get the significance of that number and thought it would be mentioned again… And it probably will be, I assume.

Also, I did not stop reading, so I finished the book yesterday :sweat_smile: But considering I finished at 10 past midnight, I was actually just on time for this week :stuck_out_tongue:


I just wanted to say thanks to @Naphthalene and @mrahhal for clearing things up for this week’s part. It was a bit harder than usual :sweat_smile: Also, we missed you @mrahhal and your extensive knowledge of Re Zero these past weeks. Though, I do understand what you mean with needing to take a break from social platforms from time to time :sweat_smile: