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Re Zero Volume 4 Week 2

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Start Date: January 27, 2020
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Week 2 Reading: Till end of chapter 2 part 4

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Wait, no comment yet?
Anyway, I finally had time to read this part yesterday night (just in time). On the one hand, I feel bad for Natsuki being shut out of a building/meeting again, although it’s well deserved. On the other hand, I’m also getting tired of his attitude and shenanigans. When he told red girl to not sell herself so cheaply, I expected him to reject the bet… Even cheating (although, does it count as cheating against an opponent with a luck stat though the roof?), he just didn’t have the nerves to take his prize, which I could completely see coming (mostly because it’s not that type of book). Better stop before even starting and avoid the second confrontation with トンチンカン. Also, having the willpower to go against her conditions could have made him get points just as much. Not that it matters, since it’s not supposed to be a dating sim.

Anyway, it’s fun to see the word 妾 since I was just talking about it with people in the 多読 thread.

Here’s to hoping week 3 will be more my style.


We do have less people than usual.

This volume is where I start to see the most difference between the book and the anime. The animejust rushed through all these scenes. Skipping enterely the betting part which I found funny, and just go at where subaru met emilia again it’s starting to get more interesting because I haven’t seen a lot of these.

Anyway next week is up


Agreed. He sometimes can think when his head is clear (realizing there was nothing in that bet for him before the red girl suggested that thing, basic stuff in a negotiation but pretty important), but then when he fixates on a certain thought he goes back to being a complete idiot.

Talking about his obsessive attitude, feels like he’s facing some kind of inner conflict right now. Given that, although he knows his accomplishments were not really his own for the most part (he simply kept on running away until Roswaal appeared), but he still kind of expects recognition in return: wanting to join Emilia in the 王選 yet he almost knows absolutely nothing about it (it’s like he’s convinced he’ll be of use somehow).

Part of this is also out of wanting to repay her debt, that’s for sure, but he’s mixing up all the previous loops (kinda understandable) together and treating Emilia from that point of view, which might be bad.

It’s hard to get through this seeing Subaru falling a bit deeper into his own pride (he couldn’t see that ユリウス’s was standard courtesy and got really jealous), but this feels like a natural consequence given the previous arc’s happenings and Subaru’s personality. Regardless, I like this volume so far :slight_smile:


Just noticed that I hadn’t put any of these threads on ‘Watching’. :stuck_out_tongue: No wonder I didn’t get any notifications haha. This only now struck me as strange that I’m going to be reading again.

Before the book club officially started I pre read up to and including 2.2, so now I have to play a bit of catch up (which is why I’m here and not in the current week 3 thread). Should be manageable by next weekend though. :+1: :slight_smile: