Re Zero Volume 4 week 3

Re Zero Volume 4 Week 3

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Start Date: February 3, 2020
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Week 3 Reading: Till end of chapter 3 part 4

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I have a question on this week reading.

Just Before part 6
This when Subaru was hiding and had his hand over the girl’s mouth. Even with that in mind I can’t make sense of it. I kind see a ふさげんな but nothing else. Anyone here is good at speaking muffling?

I like that red girl She is like the world is doing everything in my favor. Normally I hate that kind of person. And then Subaru and Rom just talk like she was not there.


Could it be わらわの口… を塞いでおるか? As in, only the first part is muffled, but then she can speak properly so it comes out alright. Makes sense, especially when I see the “…” part, like she’s surprised at being able to speak again.

わらわ is a very old first-person pronoun, instead of 私. In fiction it usually denotes a lady of very high social status, usually a feudal lord’s wife or something like that.
塞ぐ - to cover, to block
and I’m sure you can recognize the use of おる instead of いる and the question particle か

Disclaimer: I haven’t reached this part so I’m only guessing from the context you provided.


The lady in question does use 妾(わらわ)indeed, so this might be it.

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Again some frustrating Natsuki behavior.

I’m a bit of a contrarian, so, knowing everyone expects me to leave the hotel, I would just stay there and get some delish oppel (I tried to replace the a by an o to mirror the Japanese) based food. At the very least, meeting up with Al, I would go “nah I’m good” and just go on with my plan… or even reconsider and decide that there’s some hiragana imoji study and oppel foodstuff waiting for me and just go back.

I can never become the protagonist of an adventure book, it would be unbearably boring.


Me too to be honest :joy:

BTW they call it “appa” in the official translations.


Next week is up


Something I forgot to say here last time. There was a weird name mentioned in page 98: “リリアナ問題”. Apparently this is a reference to a side story that takes place between volumes 3 and 4 in one of the 短編集 books.


Oh you mean the book you are gonna read to us?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
We will need to read that.


I can try but I guarantee you won’t understand a single thing :joy: