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I finally finished arc 5 or Re Zero

Entire book spoiler

So much stuff happened in this book.

1-First off the 暴食 stuff. We are 3 暴食confirmed. レイ。バテンカイトス, ライ。アルファルド and ルイ。アルネブ. according to Cirius, we have 「美食家」、「悪食」 and 「飽食」 I’m not sure which is which but I have a theory. They all have close to the same ability but they use it differently. レイ eats everything and created the 「眠り姫」 condition. ライ eat only the memories other have of him like Julius. ルイ seems the strongest but it’s unknown how she uses her power. I would say: 「飽食」 レイ、「悪食」ライ and 「美食家」ルイ. @mrahhal can tell me how wrong I am.

2- The 福音書 is now even more ominous as it made all archbishops run away without accomplishing their goal. Everyone in the witch cult has a different goal but is part of the same group? How does it work and how can one enter it? I feel someone is controlling them with the 福音書. Maybe they are all Isekaied people as they all have start names like Subaru and Hoshin. Aru is an unknown though. The 福音書 comes from the 英知の本 sooooo Echnidna?

3-Talking about Echnidna… How many Echidna do we need in this book? I feel like I’m playing fate. The scarf is actually an artificial Echidna’ spirit using Anastasia’s body. The fact that Priscillia found it and called her 狐娘 was interesting. The new one is another 僕 Echidna. The plot thickens so much.

4-Priscillia just climbed up in my ranking. She was so cool in that arc. I just love her character now. She and Aru seems to be having way more information than the others. I was sure Anastasia was the Queen of Infos. Aru also one sidely killed 「色欲」 26 times or something. Let’s go Priscillia’s team!

5-Cirius would be the Archbishop I would have the least wanted to capture alive because of his ability. He can’t be incapacitated other than death. All archbishops are as annoying as the others. When you think one is weaker, he just uses his ability in an OP way.

6-About the 「賢者」 didn’t Rosewald spoke about that word when describing Subaru? “You renounced the way of the sage and chose the way of the hero” or something? I think it was during the banquet when Subaru was nominated knight after arc 4. Trying to pass through a desert even Reinart couldn’t? Talk about killing yourself.

7-The backstory from the Perspective of Theresia brings a new dimension to the characters. The first time she killed was to save Wilhelm. Such a nice love story. A sad one though. That reminds me, the one who killed Theresia, and prob revived her, was the witch who attacked Emilia’s village. What was she doing there? Can she also resurrect the dead or is there another witch?

Nagatsuki-sensei is such a good writer I can’t get enough. I NEED MORE RE ZERO!!! So many things work so well one into another, so many good plot points going. It’s rare for something this good to last for a long time. I really want to know how he will connect everything together.

The next book will be arc 6 which I believe is one of the reader’s favorite so it should be even better than the shounen arc.

I want to read your comments on this book. Although not a lot of people are reading this far

Entire book spoiler
  1. I won’t correct anything!

  2. Echidna is such an amazing character he had to create more than 1 version of her :joy:

  3. One of my favorite parts of this arc is Al. Everything around that guy is shrouded with mystery. You just can’t understand what he is or what he knows or why. At first glance looks like a minor side character but you know that he’s super important in some way or another.

  4. I’m pretty sure Sirius is female but otherwise I agree. What a terrifying ability.

  5. Hm can’t seem to remember that at all.

  6. That was so good. Loved the whole Astrea family related stuff in this arc. It was really really good.

I want to see this arc animated so much. But I’m thinking this will take a much higher production value than all previous ones, so maybe it’ll take some time.

Enjoy arc 6 :slightly_smiling_face:

Answer to Mrahhal

I knew my deduction skills were perfect.

I always misgender her even if I know she is a women. I don’t know what my brain is doing.

I was just wondering one thing but if it’s a spoiler don’t answer please. レイ just disappeared and ルイ replaced him right? I don’t think he ran away or something. ルイ is レイ? I need to read more.

You put that at 5 but do you mean at 6? The 「賢者」 thing.? I never realized either until I saw a cut content about Re Zero where someone specified it. It was during the Party at the end of arc 4.
I found the quote volume 16 page 334:
slightly further`
It is kinda different but the meaning is the same. Like I said I would have never realized if someone wouldn’t have spelled it out for me.
長月先生 is SOOOO GOOD AT FORSHADOWING. Or at least it seems like one.

Same. This would need the fate budget to be perfect.


It might also mean that I won’t correct anything even if you’re wrong because maybe you’re not supposed to know :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s meant to be a bit confusing for now. Don’t worry, when things get actually really seriously confusing later on, I’ll be able to help.

Interesting, I’ll have to go back and reread that part. I completely forgot Roswaal mentioned it. This 賢者 thing is also one of the most intriguing parts of the story.

I wish. I hope.

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