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So many things happenings and the end!!!

Entire book spoiler

At first, I thought Sharla looked like a female Subaru. Subaru is still popular with women ha ha.
The first trial was very nice. I know nothing about stars and name change from one language to another. I’m getting more and more invest in stars by reading Re Zero. The puzzle was really interesting. I looked up the constellation to be sure it matched with the picture. IT REALLY IS PETELGEUSE CORRECT EVEN THE NAMES. Thx to @mrahhal for the Arabic names.
I knew it was Reide, not only because I read the description at the beginning of the book, but also because Sharla mentioned him in the library.
I also wonder how the books get added into the library when someone dies.
What if one of them could find the book of Raide in the library? Since they saw him maybe they are acquainted enough to see his past and found a weakness.
Poor Julius getting wrecked like that twice by a guy with chopsticks.
E.M.T Emilia Maji Tenshi beating Reide
Oops it’s not over.
Julius learning the truth must have really hurt him. Better not to say that even Priscillia-sama found it.
I like how Nagatsuki described the point of view of Subaru having lost his memory. I was wondering why he described everything as it was the first time he saw it. Sometimes he does it but always gives the info after. For example “TThe voice came from the pink-haired maid, Ram” or something. This time he did not specify a name of a place or that he remembered it. SUCH A GENIUS AUTHOR.
Can’t wait to start the next book.

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I liked the part where Anastasia asks Subaru “Who are you?” That was an amazing scene.

I loved the Julius parts, it’s amazing to see him like that and see a change in the relationship between him and Subaru, with Subaru helping him out this time. Love it.

Shawla is super interesting, super suspicious.

Reid is baka strong.

YES! This is obviously the turning point in the arc. What a twist! Enjoy the rest. Real arc 6 starts now :scream:.

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Ending spoiler

OMG. Maybe it’s because he touched the monolith and that made him lost memory when he goes asleep. But why only the one from when he was summoned? Was it Echidna? Why does Nagatsuki Tappei is so good with cliffhangers? If he can recover his memory then everyone else can I guess. If it’s this 賢者 again I swear he has weird taste. Good thing I don’t have any book club.

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I just realised something. Subaru is the only one that remembers everyone that was forgotten, Julius and Rem included. They just lost the last link to their past. IT’S WORST THAN EXPECTED.
Btw why on the last picture Subaru’s haircut seems… different? Damn THE EMOTIONS.

Edit: I should maybe stop looking at the picture at the beginning of the book before reading but I’m good at forgetting them

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Awesome detail I thought, it indicates this is another Subaru having lost his memories.

Also, it’s a quite cheeky decision to add Subaru in the character intros at the start of the volume. Now you know why. He’s a new character :slight_smile:

I greatly greatly encourage you to do that. Also the chapter names. I’ve been doing it since the start and it makes each volume much more interesting. The colored illustrations are just pure spoilers in my opinion. Hopefully you haven’t started with volume 23 yet.

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