Re Zero Volume 2 week 8

Re Zero Volume 2 Week 8

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Start Date: October 28
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Week 8 Reading: Until the end

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Aww. So the あとがき was cuter than expected. :slight_smile:

Hope ベッティー and パック get to interact a lot more in the next volume too~

About the end

I was kind of surprised we didn’t see a conclusion before the end of the book, but I like that it wasn’t rushed. :slight_smile: Also, cliffhangers are good for hooking readers I guess. At least we don’t have to wait a month for the next one. :sweat_smile:


I finished it. I was surpise didn’t know I was so close to the end. I have one last question for this book

Who killed Subaru the 3 third times? Was it Rem or Ram disguised as Rem? Since Subaru recognized the wind blade. Or maybe they both have the same offensive power?

Thank you


It was hinted at that it’s Ram. Subaru realizes that later on when he sees the same kind of magic that gouged out his throat used by Ram. Till now, we haven’t seen Rem use that, even though she had the chance under the cliff. Ram wasn’t disguised or anything, her magic can hit from a long distance it seems, so maybe she did exactly that (btw, appears that she also is the one who cut Subaru’s leg while running away from Rem). Also, Rem finally says “Sister is too kind” right after he dies (he was suffering and being tortured, so maybe Ram chose to end his life…).


So the two of them would have been in the forest. Never realized that even in the anime. Thanks for the info. I do remember Subaru said he was killed by the two of them. Thanks


Exactly! One of the things I like about ReZero is that there are lots of things it doesn’t state explicitly (even Subaru didn’t articulate that in details, even though he reached the same conclusion). With all the clues we got, we can safely assume that’s what happened, without the details being put in our face and wasting time.