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The new arc begins and lots of actions in it.

Entire book spoiler

We finally know what happened to Meril. I knew Subaru was a loli killer but this just gets even more harem-ish. Subaru really has lots of skills, being able to make plushies like that.
Roswaal was pretty aggressive. He hits where it’s hurt.
So Julius even lost the ability to use his spirits bud? That’s pretty bad. How can Emilia and Beatrice heal Ram if they do not possess all elements? I think they said it’s barely helping.

Meryl just casually using her power to show off. These giant worms are scary. I must say these wholesome scenes of Beatrice and Subaru are so cute. I get why Meryl wants to join.
So the “sand times” are resetting the space around the tower.
The fight against the 花魁熊 was epic. Especially with the addition of the sandworms.
Return by death, long time no see. Subaru just getting sniped like that. I just imagined the 剣者 with a sniper saying “Get off my lawn, you pesky kids”
I love Beatrice and Subaru’s new combo attack.
That sand palace is giving me bad vibes I hate it. Especially the end of the first time they got in. That fight was awful. Seems like Subaru can somewhat control 見えざる手 now. If it’s that painful to use I can’t imagine what Geuss felt when he was fighting Regulus.
That evil centaur is pretty dangerous. Just popping fire weapon out of nowhere and regeneration.
When he was wishing for another power I was sure 獅子の心臓 would appear. Only a girl throwing light beam.
The two Archbishop inside him just talking was funny.
Who is this woman who is calling Subaru, priest? Is she an archbishop? Is she calling him priest or one of the two archbishops inside him like Cirius did?

The first time we got an after story at the end MAKING ME WAIT LONGER TO KNOW THE TRUTH.
The story was wholesome. Now I’m shipping Garfield/Mimi. Even Wilhelm does. The last picture of Garfield was soooooooooooo cute.

Only 5 books and I can speak about all my Re Zero theory with @mrahhal I will reach you level of Re Zero enlightnement.

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Ah how I wish to be able to join in this reading, but my Japanese isn’t there yet. Unfortunately I’ve only been able to read the WN of this arc. Definitely my favorite arc as of now, hope you enjoy it as much as I did


Keep practicing. One day you will be able to read it

I really enjoy it a lot

Entire book spoiler

Family-ish is the word we prefer :stuck_out_tongue:
Someone he loves, someone who loves him, a bigger sister, a little sister, a little brother, a friend, a mentor, etc. He’s building relationships.

Rather than heal, it’s to supply Ram with mana since she can’t absorb it on her own. So they can help a little, but not as much as Roswaal.

For the future, I think you mean Maylie.

The illustrations in this volume where particularly awesome too.

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