Re Zero volume 2 week 6

Only like 20 pages XD

Yeah, 2nd one in November (and S2 announced but no date)


Definitely. Definitely, the book is always the priority. For now it’ll only be watching till episode 7 which is where this volume ends on. We can also watch up to 11 when we finish vol 3. But after that, we should not touch the anime until we completely finish arc 3 :slight_smile:


So you’re pretty much done and caught up then? Congrats.~ :smiley:

Is this one of the OVAs that’s so removed from the main plot we could safely watch it? Or, turning that question around, until when would we need to read to not get spoilered by it? :slight_smile:


Arc 3 is up to… vol 9?

This should probably go in the main thread, but since I’m already here and it’s not really relevant to anything. :upside_down_face: Right now the poll looks like we’re gonna keep on reading 40 a week or at least not increase by much more for the next few books… at an average of 2 months per book (break included) I’ll have to get 4 more ebooks before I can finally get real books again. :cry:


Thanks :relaxed: (Gotta resume vol 1)

OVA 1 is kinda a side story, but that with OVA 2 (which is part of the main series) builds up some important stuff for S2. So it is required to finish arc 3 before watching them (and even though OVA 1 takes place before arc 3, you can’t watch it before that).

Yeah. (Side point: the author considers arcs 1 and 2 the prequel to arc 3)

Thought the same but yeah :sweat:


O well. :man_shrugging: I’m sure it’s fine…

Oh sorry, I thought you had just 20 pages left of volume 1, never mind then. :stuck_out_tongue:

The OVAs are gonna have to wait a bit then, especially since we wanted to read the side stories too. Maybe by then season 2 will be out too. :smile:


I finished this week reading. Had to double the usual ammount but it was way easier and funnier than I thought.

Anyway I had a question at the end


What exactly is Rem said that Subaru did to Ram? He made her angry and stressed or he made her less stressed and angry?

Small detail concerning the anime and the book

I don’t remember that in the anime Rem was healing Subaru to torture him. I do remember she hit him a lot of times. She is soooo savage. “How about mince meat for diner”

Thank you

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Rem is the one who got anxious.

“When I saw you talking with my sister, I got so anxious and angry that I didn’t know what to do. The one who caused sister so much suffering, someone who’s related to that (referring to Subaru)… care-freely walking in the place that we love.”

She did heal him when he fell down so that he could continue talking. But that bit about mincemeat wasn’t included yeah.


Rem is the one who got uneasy and angry watching Ram talk to Subaru. :slight_smile: I’ll leave the rest to @mrahhal for a better quality answer.

Haha, you’re too fast or my internet is too slow…


I seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously doubt it’s slower than mine :joy: cries inside


I just don’t understand how she would get angry though.

But thanks both of you for your quick answer

Rem is still best waifu anyway

Like, linguistically or logically? Without talking about future stuff, she’s just saying “I saw you talking with her [alone], so I got angry, because I resent you (because you’re “related” to the ones who caused her suffering)”.


(It is very slow/laggy/bad though. :joy: Yesterday we didn’t end up reading so I couldn’t make sure, but I’m seriously looking forward to the キッチン talk ( :wink: ) today if only to see how bad it’s gonna be. )

Rem is not being very reasonable here, I’d say. :smiley: I know I was like, what? That’s why this is happening? :joy:

I can’t believe I put them parentheses around the actual thread relevant part, haha.


Exactly, right now we don’t know enough though. It seems she was being sincere so it can’t be out of something simple. So we’ll see

Editing your quote here as well :wink:


Like why would you get angry to see Subaru talking with Ram. I don’t remember him do anything to Ram. Unless being a free loader is a huge burden for her.


:joy: so kind!

I think it’s not Subaru himself who did something to her, but other people he has a connection with - I’m not sure who that’d be. I mean, Emilia is arguably the only one he has any sort of connection with in that mansion…?


Yes, from our’s and Subaru’s point of view that is.

This is exactly what she’s saying yeah :ok_hand:t2:

This is part of the mystery right now I guess.


Well, he stinks of witch, and there’s only one witch in that world apparently, so…
レムgets super mad when he denies any connection, ‘cause the smell betrays everything according to her.


Ok I do remember something now. That makes sense now thanks


Ooh, right, I remember thinking that was interesting, but there was so much happening… :joy:

On that note, there was one sentence at the end of the chapter that I found very interesting as well. In the 2nd to last line Rem says 「──姉様は、優しすぎます」

So - I’m thinking it’s Ram who killed him in the end and ended his suffering?


If anyone wants to know, it’s the last line of page 241.



A little late but next week is up Re Zero Volume 2 week 7