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I just finished this book yesterday so I finally matched the anime !!!

Comment about all the book

This arc is finally over and with it the anime. There was some slights difference but overall nothing that big. The last part with the witch of greed was something that the anime did not show. Is this Echidna or the fake one? Is the fake Echidna the witch factor-like Satella? Again lots of questions for the next arc. This time we have no info on what the next arc could be about. This will be the first time I will be reading Re Zero without knowing the future. It will be fun because I won’t constantly be “Oh, this part is where that character appeared, I know he is not really death” etc… I can’t wait.
I need to say that I found Subaru and Beatrice’s relation so cute. Not sure about Ram Rosenwald though. He did seem to still have his own plan. I wonder who could have hired Meril and why was she supposed to kill the two maids. This revelation was something. Let’s see if they will interrogate her.
Ending an arc is always a great feeling. Especially when the arc just looped back. The Emilia Army just grew with strong members although Beatrice has no magic anymore. Could she just take some from Rosewakd since he seems to have a lot? Maybe from Emilia?

Making all these threads made me realize how far I was in front of the schedule. I thought I was only 1-2 volume in front but seems like I was 3 in front.
Anyway, I hope you will like this new format for discussion.

also spoilers for everything

I always liked their interactions a lot, and the way this evolved feels very fitting. I was wondering what was going to make betty finally come out of her room… And who would have thought, it was herself. :slight_smile:

This arc made me wonder about Roswaal so much, so I’m glad we got a bit of a resolution to some of it while still retaining the mystery for a lot of it, haha. I thought the ram roswaal thing was creepy during the first arc (it was portrayed like it, too), but it’s like of grown on me. I like ram. I like roswaal. Eh, it’s fine.

I’m super curious what his meddling will look like from here on! And, you know, what the next arc will be about in general. :joy:

Oh yeah, I was so surprised by that. I just assumed they were acting as a team on the same contract, especially since roswaal had contracted each of them separately before. Or did he? I think it was mentioned that he was also responsible for the forest demon hounds thing… :thinking: but be also rescued them there. Maybe it was only said that he hired elza to interfere I’m the city and I assumed the rest… :thinking:

This arc’s end especially felt super satisfying to me. :blush:

Looking forward to starting the next volume soon! :slight_smile: I’ll probably wait for each new thread to start a volume and make that my ‘pace’ for now. We’ll See:tm:.

Answer to Belerith

I don’t think Rosewald ever contracted her. I think the first time too she was hired by someone else.


Yeah, I just assumed, I think - I started reconsidering what I actually knew from what I conjectured, and I’m almost sure this wasn’t explicitly stated. (Or maybe I’m just convincing myself right now.) (Or do you remember it being stated explicitly? I know the elza incident was definitely mentioned.)

This is interesting, and I’m glad I realized I wasn’t actually sure about this before it became an important plot point or something. I’ll probably not try and find out which it was, but I’ll be mentally ready for either to be true. ^^

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Again end of book spoiler

I think it was actually but I would have to look back to be sure

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Quick question for you guys, you’re level 60, so have you been able to read this without it being tedious? Say when I get to level 60, without having using any other platforms would I be able to read a LN in Japanese?

(Also nice to see some fellow Re:Zero fans)


It’s not directly related to being level 60 (although I’m sure it helps). There a ton of vocab you won’t be taught on WK. I do not remember the exact number, but in just volume 1, there are about 4k+ unique words that are not taught here.
WK also doesn’t teach you any grammar, so you’ll need that too.
There was a poll in the home thread showing that most people in the club had a hard time with volume 1 (level 60 or not). I was fine, but I had been at the N1 level for a few years at the time, and had been focusing on increasing my vocabulary for a while.


The short answer is “not without a substantial amount of effort (looking things up, mostly)”


Alright, I see. I’m honestly not sure if I have any knowledge on grammar or not, being into so much Japanese media, I feel like I have a vague idea of what sounds right, at the very least, also coming from an Asian country where the grammar is backwards compared to English, I feel like I may not struggle too hard learning that, and vocabulary, I suppose is just something I’m gonna have to learn after this journey. I may be able to guess a good amount though for Re:Zero since I’m a reader of the Web Novel, I should know how the story goes when I read the LN version… however long it takes me to reach that point though.

Side question, too, I believe WaniKani claims I’ll be able to read about 80% of the things I see on Twitter by level 30… is that actually true? If so, that would be amazing.

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If you have read the web novel version, then there shouldn’t be much difference with the light novel version. Mostly, they just fixed the sentences a bit and added illustrations…

That number is in reference to kanji and I don’t think it’s a claim from WK themselves.

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Ah okay gotcha, I own the English LNs too so I’m aware of the differences, I just enjoy reading both formats.

Anyway thanks, as long as I can read the full sentences I see without going “Nope, don’t recognize that” and dismissing it as nonsense, I’d feel a sense of accomplishment that can keep me going to learn more

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End of book

Who is Rem?
Very sorry. I-I’ve always hated this joke. You meant Ram here.

I wonder if it has something to do with Stockholm Syndrome? Ram knew Roswaal didn’t stop the massacre on purpose, and after he saves her she’s literally his hostage as she depends on him directly for mana after her horn broke. He’s her only lifeline. Although, I also feel like the author might be keeping the actual reason for her change of heart across the years a secret? Could be either.

Also, and this is something I always end up thinking about. Just as Petra became much more affectionate towards Subaru after Rem was erased because she thinks Subaru single-handedly saved her from the mabeasts (compare OVA Petra to post arc 3 Petra), I wonder how many other things were affected by Rem’s erasure.

From a break time episode of S2, (just additional detail about this) they show Roswaal talking to Elsa through a magic mirror, and after that Meili asks Elsa about Roswaal as if he was Elsa’s client only, and it appeared like she doesn’t know him. So I kinda doubt that Roswaal contracted Meili in the mabeasts incident. Ah, or maybe it’s not necessarily that he contracted her directly? And I don’t remember it being explicitly stated, I could be wrong though. If he was following his Tome, it would make sense that he both didn’t hire her but knew about it. But yeah before the reveal I also never gave it a thought (the translation in the anime doesn’t help when it translates Roswaal’s sentence to “I sent the assassins to the mansion.” whereas in Japanese there’s room for ambiguity. There’s bound to be confusion for anime watchers later if this becomes an important plot point. But eh, the translations already messed up in several other places already).

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end of book


Oh yeah, the thought has crossed my mind. I suppose if it is, Roswaal is also really dependant on her (possibly because he doesn’t remember Rem so Ram was his only companion/servant he could rely on as far as he remembers…?

But also before Rem was erased, Ram was always portrayed as ‘closer’ to Roswaal, and more hm, into following his orders than Rem.

I suppose we’ll find out (whenever I write things like this I wonder if maybe you haven’t found out already… But that’s ok. :joy: ) in due time.

Imagine translating it like that because that’s what the writing made it seem like (if it did, which I don’t remember clearly enough, it’ll have been on purpose too) and then later finding out you’ve delivered the wrong message. That has to be the worst. :sweat_smile:

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I know right :joy: It has become very natural for me to fake it, whether I know or not. Getting questions all the time from friends who are anime only watchers does that.

This actually already happened with the (vol 13, but just in case) 愛して being translated to “Love me”, only to learn later that it was “Love yourself”. Honestly I don’t envy JP → EN translators.


The answer is no for me. On twitter there is ton of informal speech/slang/dialect so you might be able to read it but not understand it.
Glad to see you onboard

End of book

I hate it.

Which is why I don’t like their relationship. Feel kinda forced. That’s just me I guess. I understand the loyalty thing though so maybe it’s just the continuation of it.

Never knew that. It is a problem. +1 for original language

Yeah. This is rough

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It’s common belief in the Web Novel Community (also, thanks to WitchCultTranslation for translating it in english) that as Rem got erased, all the love that Ram had for her shifted automatically to Roswaal as he was the second person most important to her.

A better explanation through Arc 5, 6 and Ayamatsu IF spoilers:

As you may already know, a side effect of Gluttony’s authority is that the people who knew the “name” of the erased person will in someway fill the gap in their memories. Sometimes the bond between the 2 is not that strong and the filling the gap part works fine (see the White Dragon’s Scale mercenaries in arc 5), sometimes the bond is strong but there’s a way to leave it unnoticed at first glance(as with Ram) or leaves remarkable scars in terms of the person’s behaviour (see Julius in arc 5 after Joshua got erased) and sometimes the bond is really strong and there’s no way to fill in the gaps (see Ferris in the Ayamatsu IF in which he became insane as Cruch got erased).

That’s also the reason why Ram thinks her love for Roswaal is authentic but at the same time, every time she sees Rem she knows there’s some kind of bond between them and that every time she tries to recall past events she feel’s that something is off and starts having an headache.

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End of book

That’s kinda exactly what I had in mind (comparing it to Petra’s change in behavior). I didn’t know this was an established theory. I’ll have to finish arc 6 before I can read the spoiler tagged chunk.

BTW you’ll want to blur the first part too. I believe the rule is that anything previous to this volume is fair game without tagging, but anything in this volume itself should be tagged to show which part this is a spoiler for (since I’m not sure I just used “End of book”), right @icefang97 ?


Yes, just blurred anything related to this book and after with a clear indication of where it is in the book. It is to try to not spoil people. I understand that some conversation might bring to future spoiler so just hide or blur it to not spoil other people’s experience