Re Zero Volume 3 week 1

Are you all ready for it because here it is :tada:

Re Zero Volume 3 Week 1

Re Zero Home Thread

Start Date: November 11
Previous Chapter: None
Next Chapter: Re Zero Volume 3 week 2

Week 1 Reading: Till end of chapter 1

Word lists - Learn the vocabulary for Re Zero!

Reading aloud

Time: Saturday 10 PM(Japan), 8AM(USA), 3PM Europe.

Discord link :

Discussion Rules

  • Please use spoiler tags for major events in the current chapter(s) and any content in future chapters.
  • When asking for help, please mention the chapter and page number. Also mention what version of the book you are reading.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarassing at first. All of us are here to learn.
  • To you lurkers out there: Join the conversation, it’s fun! :durtle_vin:
  • I’m reading along
  • I’m still reading the book but I haven’t reached that part yet
  • I’m no longer reading the book
  • I already read that part

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By the way, why not link to the last thread of the previous book instead of putting that “last thread: None”? :thinking:
I don’t really mind, but it seems strange?


Well I thought that it would prabably be useless. I mean between the same book it’s useful because you can quickly look back what happen not long ago. Bring it to the last volume didn’t striked me as something that would be nessesary. It’s not long to do so I can do it. I just think that it’s faster to go back to the home thread and choose the week you want from the last volume.

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By the way, here’s the link to the floflo word list for this book:

I noticed you didn’t put it up in the OP.


Thanks I can never find these however I search.

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Just turn on the option for viewing all the volumes of series and sort the list alphabetically. Finding anything that’s on floflo should become pretty easy then.


I did try it. I didn’t knew I could do them in alphabetical order though

Just finished the reading and man, 1.7. just about broke my heart. :frowning: … only for エミリア to come heal it again. Loved her intimidation tactics at the end there. But then that last line at the end of the chapter? Doesn’t sound so good!


Next week is up