Post your J-CAT score!

Just like the GRE!

Try Opera. Worked for me last time I took the test.


I was honestly a bit surprised at the listening because it felt like it would never end. The reading kept alternating between giving me really really easy texts and texts with a lot of kanji I didn’t know, until it finally gave up on me :joy: Overall I’m pretty happy, but I know I need to focus on vocabulary because the test kept throwing words I didn’t know at me.

(for reference, I got 78/180 on the N4 last December, so I’m not sure why the test score for this would put me at barely intermediate N3 level)


my score in the first days of November, haven’t studied Japanese in several years before that (passed the N2 in 2011, then around 2013 paused my studies AKA lost my motivation)

my score today, doing wanikani everyday and some days listening to podcasts/movies/tv , i guess i need to start reading more and start the shinkanzen books, the goal is N1 in December


Listening 62
Vocabulary 50
Grammar 44
Reading 44
Total 200

Never attempted any JLPT. Grammar and reading were really painful and frustrating parts!

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142 which is better than I expected and puts me in the N3 band which seems ambitious. My listening feels like it has come one by leaps and bounds in the last few month and that’s reflected in the score.

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It actually puts you in the N4 band. The chart in the opening post is the old scoring system.

Old New
Level 4 N5
Level 3 N4
- N3
Level 2 N2
Level 1 N1

Well that’s good then. Where I want to be.

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I’m going to take the test tomorrow if everything goes as planned. I did a few sample questions to make sure I understood the format. Which reminded me of the stupid 30 second limits questions have. Like, how am I supposed to answer this in 30 seconds? I guess if I knew 無断 was a noun I could immediately rule out C and D, but I like to be able to read everything properly before answering…



If you know how 無断 works, I’d say you should be reasonably certain that its A just by looking at the first character that follows it, and then take maybe a couple seconds to read that first sentence to confirm it does indeed make sense. 30 seconds should be well enough time for that I think.

Reading every sentence may be hard to do in 30 seconds, yeah, but with knowledge of the vocab comes a need to not actually read every sentence.


So you were able to register with IE with no flash?

Yeah, I understand. I just don’t like reading for the test. In the real world I’d try to read each sentence. I hate that I have to skip through and read pieces of sentences to try to stay within a time limit.

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I was able to register and take sample questions in IE without doing anything else. Presumably I’ll be able to take the whole test tomorrow.

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Yeah thats fair enough honestly, but luckily they usually give words that are pretty easy to tell if they are properly used just by looking at their surroundings (if you know em).

Best of luck tomorrow!

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By the way, I found that paper from 5 years ago where they were trying a speakin part of the test.
I wonder if they will integrate it in the new version of J-cat. Looking at the results, it was pretty accurate if you have near 0 ability or if you are intermediate and above, but over generous at the beginner level.
I’ll try to find more recent results.

Wew this is terrible. Not that I expected much, but still.
I wonder how many of those were just lucky guesses when I had no clue what the answer was.

All done! Like last time, I scored about what I expected overall, so that’s good! And considering I spent most of last year doing WaniKani and reading (plus some grammar reinforcement) it’s not surprising that only my grammar and reading scores went up.

Last Time (2018-03-10):

This Time (2019-02-14):


Just took the JCAT for the third time. Here are my previous posts about the first two times:

And here are my results from the most recent (third) time:


I’m moderately pleased with the results, given that I studied less in the last 6 months than in the previous 6-month periods. Moderate increases in every category except reading, where my previous score may have been a fluke anyways. Hopefully in the next 6 months can really dig in and study more. I would like to score in the 200-250 range the next time I take this, which will be exactly two years after starting to learn Japanese.


Happy dance time!
I cracked 250! (Just! :joy:)
And my grammar score is back in the land of the living after whatever happened last time. :tada:

January 2018

July 2018

February 2019


Nice! We now have similar J-cat scores
(And you are much better in the reading category :slight_smile: )