Post your J-CAT score!


Woo! Finally got my password! I remember signing up about a year ago and never got it…but now I have it! Looking forward to taking it tonight.


My scores!

Section Score
Listening 42
Vocabulary 34
Grammar 26
Reading 39
Total 141

This is more or less what I was expecting, I think. Although I was a little surprised that I seemed to do best at listening, which I’ve always felt was one of my weaker skills. Either way, I’m feeling fairly confident that taking N4 in December is a good choice for me. And if I keep it up, maybe N3 won’t be out of reach next year either.

Also I loved the question throwing shade at poor listening skills. I felt very called out.


Compared to other people, it’s really not that good of a score… but I exceeded my own expectations, so I’m a bit happy.


That’s the important thing. Everyone is on their own journey with different goals, obstacles, and paces. If you are happy then great job!


Everybody who’s reached a higher score had to have learnt only enough to reach the lower scores first. So long as you’re pleased and making progress, that’s a good score by anybody’s account. :smiley:


Slight derail for a technical question. Is there any way of access the J-Cat without installing Flash? I’d like to try but there’s no way I’m letting flash back on my computer.


Try using Internet Explorer. Yes, Internet Explorer.


Flash is required for now. The new version of J-CAT (next year) will rely on HTML 5 instead. Also, it won’t be free.


Should have specified I’m on a Mac. I’ll have to steal my Wife’s computer for a bit.


That’s the only way I know of. I was able to use Internet Explorer to avoid installing Flash. So if you do have access to a Windows machine, try it out.


So, Internet explorer has flash built in? How does that even work?


That’s my best guess, but I don’t really know. I refuse to install Flash, so if that didn’t work I just wouldn’t take the J-Cat.

P.S. I’m probably going to take the test again in the next few weeks. Wish me luck!

P.P.S. “Wish me luck” sounds stupid here. Luck would give me a higher score than I actually deserve. Wish me an accurate evaluation of my skills! :upside_down_face:


Good accurate evaluation of your skills!


May you have a very accurate evaluation of your skills!

I can take the J-Cat again next month. Right in time to register for the JLPT. (Or not, depending on my score. :upside_down_face: )



Just tried to register with IE11 and the Flash Player shows failed.

Were you able to do the test without Flash on IE?


I was a year ago at least. I’m going to try taking the test again in a couple weeks, so I can’t say more until then.

EDIT: Actually I just tried it with the sample questions and it works for me in IE 11.


Hmm… would you mind trying to register? Thats where its stopping me, when they run the sound check + browser test.

I will try to do the sample questions the next chance I get


I don’t want to register yet. I’m worried the password they send me will expire before I can use it, so I want to wait until a week out to register. Sorry.


Okay If you could tag me when you succeed in registering that would be great.