JLPT 2019!

While we are waiting for the results from last year I thought it would be nice to distract ourselves a bit and talk about the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

Test dates for 2019 have been confirmed:
Summer: Sunday, July 7th 2019
Winter: Sunday, December 1st 2019

Official website: http://www.jlpt.jp
Sample tests: https://www.jlpt.jp/e/samples/sampleindex.html (click on the blue and yellow bars to see the content for 2012 and 2018).

Are you planning on taking the JLPT in July?

  • Yes, N5
  • Yes, N4
  • Yes, N3
  • Yes, N2
  • Yes, N1
  • No
  • Not sure yet

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Are you planning on taking the JLPT in December?

  • Yes, N5
  • Yes, N4
  • Yes, N3
  • Yes, N2
  • Yes, N1
  • No
  • Not sure yet
  • Maybe, will depend on the July result

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Are you planning on taking the JLPT this year? Why or why not?
When, where, which level?
How are you preparing for it? Is there anything you’ve learned from previous attempts that made your change your approach for your next attempt?

…lot’s of questions, looking forward to your answers and stories :slight_smile:


I might take the N3 in December in Melbourne Australia.

I’m pretty confident I failed the N4, so I’m not sure if I should jump in and study N3 with the hopes to pass in December this year or hold off until 2020.


I’m guessing the sunday before this!!

I will take the N2, finished kanzen master grammar N4, am now summarizing the N3 grammar, hopefully finish before March and then focus on the N2 grammar! Thank the crabigator that I won’t have to spend much extra time outside of wanikani on kanji.


I think I will try and sign up for the test in London. Does anyone know when, in general, they open up applications and how quickly the places fill up?



I’m aiming to take the N3! For me it’s the first time taking any kind of language proficiency test, so any advice welcome…:sweat_smile:


I’ll probably try my hand at N5 or N4, depending on how confident I feel about it.

Good luck to all you guys taking it this year.


Planning to give N3 in July, first JLPT ever! Considering my level, Kanji/Vocabulary section should hopefully be easy. Currently, going through N4 Kanzen Master, will hopefully finish by early-mid February. Will start with N3 Kanzen Master then.
Would love to hear any kinds of tips from the veterans! (Heard the listening section happens too quickly…sounds scary…)


I’m waiting for the N3 results first before deciding anything…
If i passed n3 i will aim for N2 in december 2019 or july 2020.
If i failed i will try again N3 in july 2019. I just can’t wait for the results march seems so far!
As for how i’m planning to finish Tobira, finish Iknow.jp and cram all N level of shin kanzen master N2


The results will be online on Wed. 1/23 if you can’t wait till march.

I took the N5, which I think I passed (!). If I failed it was only by a point or two, and I’ll take the N4 next year.

I have no reason to move quickly or push N3, so I might as well take my time.


I’d like to take the N5 in Düsseldorf (Germany) this December. Besides continuing with Japanese classes at university, I’ll keep working with WK and related tools/apps and my group of RL study buddies. I was told on here that N4 might be possible to reach in one year, but I honestly don’t think it’s a good idea for me to try and cram for that, too. If everything goes well, I can still take it next year.


I took the N4. Might have failed at the listening part, we’ll see it in a mere 5 days. :scream: However, I won’t retake it even if I failed. The other parts were easy for me (especially vocab and reading).

I will prepare for N3 in July. Not sure if I will take it though. Currently I am studying Japanese as my major and in September I am going to Japan for a year. At that uni I will need to take a JLPT at the end of the year and if I have N3 then I have to take N2 there and boy, I am scared of N2.

Or I am just lazy.


I also aim for N5, but in Stuttgart (Germany) this December. I think N5 is a nice and reachable goal after one year of learning.


My goal is to take the N5 this year, I am a little bit worried though because tbh I was born with hearing impairment so I don’t know how that works with the JLPT test ^_^;;


Planning for N2 in July. Don’t think I can attempt N1 currently (in a year or two, i.e.) so I would be happy if I pass N2 in my first go.


I’ll aim for N3 in Stuttgart (Germany) in December, but I’m not sure if I’ll really take it. Work is kicking my butt atm and I barely study at all :'D


So envious of people who live where the July test is offered! That would be a way more convenient time of year for me to take it, because I’ll probably have to make it an overnight trip, and December is always already hella busy.

I’m curious to hear about people’s experiences with the testing conditions in Chicago, Ann Arbor, or Columbus.

(I’m looking at N3.)


I have the same idea. Not sure how useful N3 would be for me, anyway. Mostly I’ll see how I feel when the time comes.

I did N4 in December, probably passed. My strategy was: do as much as I can in my grammar book, do a practicetest a month or so before the test to get a feel for the format, and how much there is yet to learn. Luckily the practice test went well, so I didn’t need to hit the books extra hard.

I think there are provisions you can apply for. Definitely bring it up when you sign up!

I already know I failed my N2 last december with only barely 3 months of studying so I’ll be taking it again in July!

Just going to continue my usual study routine of Kanzen Master for grammar and reading, WK (let’s get that level 60 cake, me! :cake:), Floflo, Kitsun, playing Jap video games, reading raw manga, and maybe I should go find a book to read as well… :thinking:

Can I just eat a cookie that makes me learn 50 new words every time I swallow a bite?


Didn’t Doraemon have like a special bread where you would print the information on it, eat the bread, and learn everything? Maybe ask him.


oh my goodness.

marches up to him