Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)

There’s a 2017 thread that I didn’t want to spam since I didn’t take the test last year. There’s none for this year yet as far as I’ve seen.

Test dates for 2018:
Sunday, July 1 2018
Sunday, December 2 2018

Official website: http://www.jlpt.jp/

Results for the December JLPT are now available! :partying_face:
試験結果発表 | 日本語能力試験 JLPT


So… who is taking it? Did you take the test last year? Where are you planning on taking it?
Do you feel well enough prepared already?

I’d like to try N5 in July and the signup forms are supposed to be available at the end of January, so I already have calendar reminders that keep popping up and I’m starting to think about it more.
I was initially thinking about taking it in Düsseldorf but I’ll be in Hamburg on that weekend which is a nice coincidence, so I’ll take it there.

In theory I think that with the amount of study time I’ve put in it shouldn’t be a problem and my teacher said I should aim for N4 instead. But sometimes when I try and practice even simple listening comprehension I’m pretty sure I won’t even manage N5 :wink: . So I’d rather not be overconfident and start small. N4 could still be an option for December.


Assuming I failed N1 again, which is probably the case, I’ll take it again in July. Just need to keep improving my reading speed. I tend to answer things I attempt correctly, but run out of time.


N3 this year for me. I try to pace my self by only doing it once a year in July instead of driving myself crazy trying to jump a level in six months.


If I fail N2, I’ll take it again in December. If not, I won’t take part this year, since I don’t think one year is enough to prepare for N1.


I’ll be attempting either N4 or N3 in December :slight_smile:


If I pass N3 then I’ll be taking N2 in December.

If I didn’t, I’ll take N3 again in July then N2 in December because I have life goals to chase!

My only problem in N3 is just lacking a bit more in listening so while working on that, I can keep going and head on over to N2 Kanji/Grammar/Vocab/Reading :tomato:

Back to the Japanese library every week once the results are announced…!



Which level depends on whether I passed N2 or not, but either way I’ll probably take the test at both opportunities.


I will be taking the N3 in December in Perth, Western Australia, and will be seriously hitting the books by mid-Feb to get myself up to snuff for it.

I’ve only done the JLPT once before, in Dec 2000, when there were only 4 levels, and I passed the Level 4.


I passed the old JLPT 4 and 3 over 10 years ago. After that I took a third year Japanese (intermediate) course at university in the US, but then I stopped studying for a while. I’d rather not go for the new N3, even though I know it is higher than the old one I passed. A lot of Japanese universities, as far as I can tell, want to know if you have some Japanese, or if you have N1 or N2. So I want to have N2 when it comes time to apply for my next Japanese uni gig.

My plan is to just focus on Kanji and reading this year. I read about 2 articles a day on NHK’s News Web Easy. I like this popular site because I am genuinely interested in the stories, And, as with some Japanese extensive reading books I read, I know a lot of the kanji and vocab already, but the new ones help to prime me for what I’ll see later in WaniKani. I also like the idea of being regularly exposed to a lot grammar in context, so that when I do study it for the N2, it will be somewhat familiar already.

Next year I’ll start to hunker down more on grammar and test practice for N2. I plan to take N2 in July 2019, and again in December if I don’t pass the first time.

Good luck everyone who’s taking the test this year!


Too bad you’re in Hamburg. We could have met in Düsseldorf :smiley:
I’ll be taking N5 in July and N4 in December. My goal is to be around N4 at the end of the year! And the exams are giving me hard milestones to work towards. Should be enough time to prepare for both. I’m pumped! :+1:

I’ve tried to take mock tests for N5 but I’m not there yet :frowning: Which is probably not surprising as I’m around half through Genki I.


You can read with an 03? Wow. Pretty sure it will be 2019 before I even reach level 21 at which time I will perhaps take JPLT1.


I’m not sure if there is the July exam in Portugal. I might take a flight to London (if it exists there) because why not :man_shrugging:

I’m aiming to N3 in July and N2 in December.


I’ve lived in Japan for a while and have learned and forgotten many Kanji over the years. That’s why I’m taking WK, so I don’t forget them. So far, I know most of the Kanji I’ve studied in WK but I’m sure it’ll get much harder as I progress up the ranks.

I’ve posted this before, but in addition to NHK Easy News Web I highly recommend these books:


I will try to get N3 in December, also depending on my relationship with the Crabigator! :grin:


I probably won’t take them until 2019 or so. I’m planning to start with the N3 or N2 right off the bat, so I’m not planning to take them until I think I can actually pass. I’ve never been all that concerned with the JLPT exams, but I’d like to take them at some point.


I’m targeting N3 for December providing I maintain pace, otherwise it will be N4 for December.


Thanks everyone! Just seen this thread and, on the spur of the moment, decided to give it a go!
So I’ve just registered on the site and now I have to decide… N5 in July, or in December?


Official website says it’s only in December for Portugal. Madrid and Granada both have tests in July, which wouldn’t be as far as London (which does have tests on both occasions).

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Yeah, check the SOAS University of London page, they are in charge of the JLPTs. I’ve taken all of them there. They usually open the inscription three months before the exam.

I’m aiming to the N3, after skipping it last year. Been taking them in order and I don’t regret it. N5 was relatively easy after a year of studying; N4 was extremely hard after 2 years of studying. That’s why I’m giving myself a lot of time to be prepared for the N3.

For those who want to go straight to the N3, my only advice is to pay special attention at the reading comprehension part. Try to read texts without furigana, and to read real life articles from newspapers or NHK News Easy.