Post your J-CAT score!


I’ve been powering through “Nihongo no Mori” on Youtube lately (the N5 playlist, and it’s given me a great confidence boost in terms of listening comprehension), so I finally tried the J-CAT. Unfortunately, my vocabulary was really lacking, and I’m surprised at the score I got (187) for some elimination but mostly guessing… I feel that’s too high??? The things I knew, I knew them well, but I don’t think I know enough to deserve my score. It’s been discussed before in this thread, so for now I’ll take this number and see how well it improves after six months!

Also the time limit per question is so short, whew


Is this test really reliable?

I got 264, which it classifies as ready for N1…

I feel like I’ll barely pass N3 tbh.


Not better or worse, still chugging along … (that 1 point difference in reading/listening don’t really count imo)

That said, I felt a lot more better with the questions than I did in previous times. :muscle:


Did you notice any repeat questions that you had seen before on previous attempts?

I vaguely remember people discussing that when I read this thread a while back.


I did mostly in the listening part, but I also didn’t really need to count on my memory to answer them. I recognised the vocab and grammar more easily and struggled less keeping track with what was going on.


I am about to take this again. I am curious to see if I will do the same or better. I feel like I might do the same :joy::turtle::pizza:. Growth can sometimes be horizontal instead of vertical…:sun_behind_small_cloud::cup_with_straw:


I am fairly new and excited to try this. I am waiting getting a password now. I have been studying on and off for a few months and want to get a baseline test done so I can see how progress over time. :blush:


If you or anyone else doesn’t want to wait for their password, feel free to use this account to take yours:



I might take it again in a couple weeks when we’re between book club books. It’s been about a year, so I’m curious how I’ll do.


It was a bloodbath. The quick grammar questions did me in. I swear I am better at grammar and at reading than this suggests. I am just a slow person…:rofl:


Actually did 15 points worse technically, but that is just because I screwed up the grammar majorly…

(last time’s below)



Thank you so much! I will take it soon and post my results.


I knew I needed to work on grammar but this really showed me how much. Not bad for the other sections though considering I only really got serious again about learning Japanese with the new year. Good starting point for me to see where I am and what I need to work on. Looking forward to seeing how this improves!


Does it still take forever to receive a password?


If it hasn’t come within a few days check your spam folder


Do you know how long the password is good for?


I seem to remember it being half a year but I’m really not sure


Isn’t that how long you have to wait before taking the jcat again? I feel like I remember trying to use the password two weeks or so after I got it and it not working, so I had to request a new one.



Just saw this on the website, is it saying from 2020 April that because it is being supported by X organization there will be a fee (to take the JCat)?


Yes. We talked about it a bit back here if you’re interested


Oh Thanks
Somehow I didnt see the announcement a few weeks ago to check out the JCAT so I thought it was new.