Post your J-CAT score!


just discovered this site a couple of days ago and is the first time im taking the test.
passed the N2 in 2012 but then i quit studying, until a couple of months ago that i decided to relearn everything again, the goal is to pass the N1 next year.

and since its my first post, 皆さん宜しく



That’s a pretty awesome score for not having studied for several years. Welcome to the community!


I missed sign ups for the JLPT by less than a week (really bummed about that still), maybe I’ll take this on the day of the JLPT.


I haven’t been studying for the JLPT, but I think I’m safe for N4 :sweat_smile:
As expected, I haven’t made much progress on anything but reading (thanks to WK).


Tried the JCAT too to see how well i am doing for the N4 in december.

According to the chart that would place me higher than the old N3.
Do you guys think I will pass N4 in december?
Everything looks pretty even too :stuck_out_tongue:


I passed N3 with good margins after getting 187 on the J-CAT four months before, so I think you should be fine for N4.


Thank you for the vote of confidence :smiley:
Not that much time left to study anyway… :sweat_smile:


I’m sorta glad that even five years after taking it I’m still supposedly above N1 level (although barely).

But I guess there is no magic for grammar. Either you keep studying it or you don’t know it. Doesn’t matter if you use Japanese on a daily basis, in the end your brain keeps the everyday-use-Grammar and throws away all the rest. D=



So, it’s been 4 months since I took the last J-CAT and my N3 test is nearing too.So, I thought of taking another one of these.


I am happy with the improvement and hopefully can get good score in the upcoming JLPT as well.

(For reference, this is my score in 11th July):


Reading fortunately didn’t decline but I hope it is not going to be my weak point.


In a panicked frenzy, since the JLPT is in TWO DAYS, I decided to see how badly I’d fail and to my surprise…

Listening: 59
Vocabulary: 45
Grammar: 49
Reading: 54
Total: 207 (Just baaaaarely in N2)

Which means, maybe through some miracle, I might pass. But if not, it’s my own fault for not studying seriously enough (I went on a long wanikani break since the school season started and haven’t even done my workbooks properly).


This is my score and I will take N3 tomorrow.
I hope everything goes well.


Was really nervous to take this for the first time. I’ve only been studying since February but I’m really pleased with the results. Can definitely get my reading and vocab up, I saw a couple words that I didn’t recognize at all. Hoping to get over 200 next time I take it!



According to this I’m on a N3 level?!?! :scream:
I did not expect that! I was thinking about applying for N5 this spring haha. :laughing:
Ahh~ I’m really happy with my results! considering I wasn’t expecting this much hah



I don’t know about your situation but seeing your scores and the earliest you can take the next JLPT is July, I think you have enough time to prep for N4.

I skipped N5 and went straight for N4 last July and did the whole N5+N4 studying (Minna no Nihongo) in 3 months. I had a basic foundation but that was no more than reading stuff in JP and Wanikani. So, I think you should be fine as well.


Oh, cool! I might go for the whole N5+N4 thing then! Thanks for the tip. :durtle_noice:


Man, this was horrible.
I started a year ago, yet I feel like, I know nothing.


That’s not bad for one year


I got 169 after studying for two years. :man_shrugging:



Oops this grammar score came out of nowhere :upside_down_face: I’m such a good guesser
I felt good about the reading, but it’s somehow the worst. Oh well, it was fun at least:3


I managed to pass N3 :raised_hands:
This is my JLPT score as a comparison.


  • I took the J-CAT test a day before the JLPT exam.
  • I just finished WK level 35 just a few hours before the JLPT exam started.