JLPT 2022 thread(Results out now!)

Hi guys I decided to re-write this. So now my questions are:
Are you taking the jlpt this year?
What level are you taking?
Why are you taking it?
What resources are you using to pass ?
Share your Japanese journey if you have time!
Happy 2022!!!

  • N5
  • N4
  • N3
  • N2
  • N1

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Whether I passed N3 or not, I’m going to take N2 next year. I certainly won’t start studying for the test itself until a few months before though.


I guess I’ll join in: I hope to take the JLPT N1 in July 2022. It’ll be my first time taking the JLPT, but I hope it goes well anyway. I’ve got friends who managed to go for the December 2021 session, so with any luck, the test will be organised as per normal next year as well.

As for why I’m taking it… I’m mainly doing it to improve my CV, I guess? I do intend to study in Japan in the near future, but I’ll be applying for programmes targeting international students, so applicants don’t need to prove their Japanese ability, and I’m not sure if admissions officers will take it into account. But I think language skills will be appreciated at any company that has international contact, inside or outside Japan, so I may as well get it done now.

I’m not quite at the N1 level yet, but I’ll try to get there as soon as I can. :slight_smile:


The JPLT is only available in December where I live, so I’ll have a good long time to improve. I think N3 ought to be the goal.


It will be my first attempt and my plan is to pass N4 in July if I will manage to reach this level in grammar. I’ve just started learning Japanese and don’t really know if getting to n4 from zero in 7 months is possible. I guess I’ll see.


I’m also taking n4 but I might take n3 depends :joy:


I’m thinking of taking the N5 but I still have so much to learn hjshsjhsj
But good luck to all of you taking the test! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


How are you preparing for the test?


Damn, you beat me to it! I was going to make this thread early next year but I never expected someone to make it so soon


I’m currently studying for the N2 in July. Good luck to everyone who has plans to take the JLPT next year!


I’m hoping to take N4 in July, but I’ll try to get close to N3 by then and take N3 in December maybe? I’d mostly do it for fun, but I don’t want to stress myself out too much by trying for N3 too early. This will be the first year I’ll take any JLPT tests.


I’m trying to decide between taking the N5 and N4. At my current level I think I could probably pass N5, but maybe by July I’ll be able to skip it and take N4. I have the worry that if I just skip N5 and then fail N4, I’ll be stuck waiting for the next test opportunity. Sighhh it’s stressful lol.
I also don’t test well so that’s another concern… and multiple choice is such a worthless form of testing that does nothing in showing what you actually know.
I just want to improve my Japanese so I can have conversations with everyone and understand the labels at the grocery store -^-


My goal is to be able to pass the N3 by next year — preferably July, but I may push it to December. By ‘be able to’ I mean I’m not going to specifically study for the N3, just consistently improve my Japanese to the point where I am able to pass it when I take it.
I’ve never taken the JLPT before, only a mock N4 exam this July.

Why I want to take it? Just so I can say I’ve passed the N3 :joy:
It’s also something I can put on my resume, for the future.


On the plus side, neither N5 nor N4 certificate can be used for anything like employment generally speaking. So the only reason to take either is for your own practice and goals. In that sense, if you stretch for N4 and don’t pass, there’s really no harm.


Gonna go for N2 again in July :muscle: Part of me almost wants to try for N1 but in that case I would have to start studying right now already and I’m still tired of my 2021 N2 grind, so let’s not :joy:


I sat N2 in December but not convinced that I actually passed :grimacing: so I was wondering whether to sign up for it again in July…
I looked at the website for one of the testcenters close to me (Düsseldorf, Germany) and the site says thet it still needs to be decided but that they will maybe only offer N3-N5 in summer… So now I wonder where N1-N2 are going to be held. Stuttgart is usually not available in summer but maybe they’ll make an exception?


Edinburgh University says ‘JLPT is due to run again in July 2022’, so I’m hoping for N3 in July


Hmmm…. Maybe I should take this as a hint and visit Edinburgh again in summer? :thinking:


I guarantee it will stop raining that day!


I’m aiming for N5 and work my way up, however if it is cancelled in July then I may skip and just do N4 in December depending on how my mocks continue.

Best of luck to everyone whatever level you are currently working towards