Please bring back the summary

exactly as you said… having a review page functionality should have been a blocker requirement for this version, I don’t understand the rush they had to release it like this - 100% product management (very serious) mistake imo.


C’mon just bring back the old summary page!
At least, let us enable it as an option!

When the change was first made, the last review’s mistake, were appearing as the first on Recent Mistake extra study. But now it got even worse, it’s mixed up with the previous sessions mistakes.

When you thought you’ve seen the worst, they made it even worse!


I also miss the summary view. It helped reinforce the mistakes, especially with a larger review set.


We need to start “bring the summary back” revolution!
So frustrating to finish drill in nowhere…


i just came here in hope for exactly this topic. please bring it back @wanikani!
also id like the left side pane in reviews back… everything in one block looks so clustered.


As silence implies consent I have to add my voice to this.
Please bring back the review page, the dots under lessons, the return key for lessons. Please replace all the features that you have removed .


Hey nihongogakushuusha! Thank you for your feedback on the review summary and for the ping. We had to take down the review summary page as part of our goal to end session timeouts but we are thinking of ways to implement aspects of the summary page in some form or fashion back into the lesson and review process. We will just need a bit of time to brainstorm those ideas but we are actively thinking of ways to achieve this, since we know based on the feedback that this is an important feature for many users! :+1:

-Nick at WK


thanks so much for explaining this. looking forward to all the great ideas the team will come up with. :3

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Thank you!!!

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Thank you for letting us know!

Well said!

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Sometimes I like the fact that when the reviews and lessons end, the Summary page is gone, so maybe you could make a Summary button and a setting to toggle the summary after completing a review. Would also be nice if the summary page had history from last few review and lessons sessions you completed.

Looks like that already exists, sorry nevermind.

How’s it working for you, after a couple of days? I haven’t done any more reviews since the first batch of 45 where I discovered the summary page was missing - but still, because of the way the Review Summary script was written, and that I downloaded it within 24 hours of that review, I still was able to see my progress. : D (Hence my recommendation.) I’m still kinda nervous about doing any more, because once the (small-ish) pile is gone, I should be doing lessons, but I do not like the feedback about how those have changed in the mega-thread about the update, either. It makes me feel like the lessons will end up being totally rushed (and also, that xMunch’s reorder script just totally will implode 100%, so I won’t be able to do old vocab before new radicals and kanji or pepper them in as I feel comfortable anymore).


just another user chiming in to say please return this feature. WK isn’t the same without it :confused:


Yes, I really love that script, it does exactly what I need it to do!
Thank you for pointing it out :grin:

Lessons are another story…

I came back to WK a couple months ago and had just managed to get my review pile under control and start doing lessons again, and my first potential new lesson was going to happen literally the same night this occurred…

So yeah, I wasn’t impressed, as I was finally feeling positive and making some headway, then it all screeches to a halt.

My system is that I can’t learn new items unless I get at least 80% correct on my last review, so I was all ready to go, thinking I was doing well, and bam! dumps me back onto the homepage with no stats…

I knew they had done an update, but I hadn’t read it yet, and I quickly figured out that it broke most of my scripts, but I was happy to bareback it for that review as I was looking forward to finally doing some new items and didn’t want to waste time figuring out scripts, but then to not have my total percentage at the end…


I have done some lessons now and it does seem to be unlocking the level 11 vocab that I haven’t completed before it’s giving me any level 12 stuff, but I had specially not done any of the level 12 kanji items previously, so my backlog was fairly tidy.

I would say have a go and just see which ones they give you.


I’ve been thinking about this, and at least for me the session timeouts were a just minor annoyance while not having the summary is a major problem. I would gladly accept the return of the timeouts if that meant I could have the summary again!


I miss the summary also, why did they even delete it.?


I don’t think they changed the coding specifically to get rid of the timeout.
I think they changed the coding to make it easier to implement future changes that they are planning and the removal of the timeout was a consequence of those changes, just like the summary page removal was a consequence of the changes. I don’t think either things were goals, but simply consequences of changing the code.

Based on the wording of the update, where they said “if people still use it” they, for some reason that still boggles my mind, just assumed that most people wouldn’t even notice the difference without the summary page, like it was a little used fragment on some obscure page, rather than the extremely vital component that it was.

I imagine the conversation went something like:
A: If we implement these changes we are going to lose the timeout feature and the summary page
B: Yeah that’s fine, most people don’t like the timeout thing anyway.
A: What about the summary page?
B: Eh, I don’t think anyone really uses it anyway.
A: Are you sure?
B: Shrugs It doesn’t really matter anyway, they’ve got that extra little review thing for ones they missed, so they don’t really need it.
A: It’s not really the same thing though…
B: Well we need to push through this code update anyway, if too many complain about it we can figure out something later.

Unfortunately, Koichi is likely living like a hermit now on Tofugubah, so he couldn’t detect the disturbance in the Force and stop them before it was too late…


@WaniConti - Is your UX designer going to be soliciting user feedback on whatever designs you come up with prior to implementing them this time?

I feel like the huge failing in the original redesign was working in an “ivory tower” and losing touch with what your users actually wanted. A huge way to show the community you’ve learned from your past mistakes would be to actively involve us this time around.

(In fact, who is the new UX designer anyway? It would be great to know who we should actually be directing our feedback towards rather than pummeling poor @TofuguJenny which is what happened last time)

Pretty please!


That’s good to hear, I have a few gripes with the new design in terms of UX but this is a particularly useful tool, it’s not just a visual aspect. Fingers crossed it returns to us as soon as possible.