I want the final review screen back

I don’t like that we’re not able to see our final results anymore. It always gave a good sense of how good/bad you were doing. And, more importantly, it also gives you the option to check up on items you were uncertain about. If I do something wrong, or if I just got lucky, I like clicking on the kanji in the final screen so it takes me to the overview page again. Now I have to use search on the main screen in hopes of finding it. Not to mention, if you got it wrong, you’re basically in the dark of where it’s located again.

Maybe there’s ways around my issue here, and other than that I like the update. But I really don’t get why the final screen had to be removed, since I cannot seem to find an alternative to it on WaniKani.


They’re making a new one. Until then, you can find some workarounds for now in this post here:


Thanks! That’s good to know.

Thanks for the link!

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I just use the tsurukame app (third party app for WK). They don’t have extra study, but at least when you do your reviews you get a summary page after each review.

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