Once again: please bring back the summary!

This is basically a repost of what I posted in April.

Please bring back the summary! I was disappointed when it disappeared, after using WaniKani without it for a few days I found out that describing it as “being disappointed” would be a gross understatement. It’s horrible!

Not being able to see the summary when I finish reviewing is killing my motivation to do reviews and I’m very sad about it. I’ve been using WaniKani every day for a few years, I recently finished level 60 but I still need to a lot more studying before I really master all the Kanjis. So, please give me back the summary, I need that immediate feedback when I finish a review.

September 10th, added comment:
For me the most important part of the summary was that it displayed the percentage I got completely right (both reading and meaning), and I’m stunned that more than five months later we still do not have that functionally back.


Agreed. Feels like a huge downgrade from a user experience standpoint. Please don’t rely on user scripts for everything, there has to be a reason why we’re paying !

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It’s the next best thing; but I found this script here that might help.

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