Is the summary page coming back?

Or have we just lost that feature for no reason?


They said they’re building a new one.


Probably coming back in another form. I’d guess that instead of poping up right after a review session you’ll get a button to push to show them.

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They said, they will brainstorm ways of potentially replacing some of the functionality, maybe.

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Jeez I really hope so. I just came back to WK after traveling for a while and was shocked to see the summary page after a review session had disappeared. The summary page is so helpful in glancing over what I got wrong without having to actually redo the items again in the Recent Mistakes section. Please bring the summary page back!


I too, really hope so. Out of all the changes in the recent update the loss of the summary page hurts the most. Having to do 200+ reviews per day I found it really beneficial to be able to review all my mistakes after I cleared my plate in an attempt to focus on the new kanji that I was struggling with. The summary page made that easy.


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