Offline, Anki-like alternative

I mostly do my studying when I am commuting underground, subway, and am with out constant internet connection. This is fine for most of my studying, iKnow, Anki and Skritter are all able to work offline and refresh when online again. However, my Wanikani re-do has fallen real far behind because I get home from work and my brain is completely dead. Except from finding an Anki deck alternative to Wanikani, does anyone else have a solution? Thanks!

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Thanks so much for your reply! Unfortunately, I am an android boy, but I am charging my dead iPad to try this.

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Can you use a laptop on the subway? When I have internet I load the self-study quiz (Wanikani extension), usually to work on my leeches. As long as you do not close your internet browser, after you load it, the self-study scrip runs perfectly even if there is no internet as long as you don’t try to change its configurations (my system is firefox on mac os x).

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