Fallbacks for offline reviewing if WaniKani is not available?

I’m just curious. I’ve had moments where I’ve had no internet and a limited number of resources to rely on for studying. I mean offline, WITHOUT mobile data (a huge life saver).

What offline resources do you fall back to so that when you are able to use WaniKani again, you’ll have a large review pile yet you’re still caught up? I recently found that the N5 vocabulary (my goal is achieving N5 mastery) is available online for free, but I don’t know or remember of the first 10 levels (plus a few levels up to level 16 since that level has the last N5 kanji 書) really covers everything I need to know for the N5 test. With the way WaniKani is designed, you would be studying a lot of content from ALL levels so everything is scattered.

Also, I’m shamelessly going to plug that after over 9 months or so, my forum profile picture is no longer showing Level 6. I scaled up to Level 8 just now. Looking forward to reaching Level 27 (which at that point I would have learned all the N4 Kanji, thus covering most if not the Japanese I never grasped in my Japanese class in high school).


Flaming Durtles App for Android offers what you are looking for. I think Tsurukame (iOS) offers something similar.


It’s unreal how much more polished Flaming Durtles is compared to the vanilla website without scripts.


seconding Flaming Durtles (for Android). Offline reviews are one of the biggest features I enjoy, besides Anki mode (in advanced settings, so you don’t have to type). Syncing when you have connection again is quite smooth. Actually I’m now always using Flaming Durtles (usually on an emulator), haven’t used web Wanikani in forever.
And yes, Tsurukame for iOS also has offline reviews, I believe.

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Seconding Tsurukame for IOS. I did all of WK on it.


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