Offline mode?

So with everything that has been going on at the moment, like many others I am having to stay at home, my university studies are finally coming to a close next week for the academic year and my part time job is on hold until further notice. With this my relationship with technology and the internet specifically has not been great, I am constantly and aimlessly online. So a change is in order, I want to take a break from the internet but not from WK, is there a way to make WK work not connected to the internet?

If you have Android, try the Flaming Durtles app


Sadly I am an IPhone user :sweat_smile:

The Tsurukame iOS app also works offline!


Even these apps that support offline use cannot work without occasional internet. You still have to reconnect to the internet to submit your reviews, get your next review times, unlock lessons, etc. There is no way to use WaniKani entirely offline if that’s what you wanted.


I’m just curious, if you use the offline mode then how is the next review time calculated? Does the app report when the user completed the review and WK respect that and sets the next review based on the submitted review time?

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I agree, it definitely would be a useful feature, especially for traveling, slow internet, or if the apocalypse happened and there was no internet.

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Is your plan to literally shutdown your router?

If not, I’d suggest using an add-on for your browser that blocks every webpage except WaniKani, because it might be hard using WK always offline.

Edit: Oops! Sorry kanjimaster2000 I replied by accident to your post (still new to forums…).


This is the answer. I learned this the “hard” way while on a flight to Japan. As far as WaniKani was concerned, the timing was as if I did my reviews when my flight landed.

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Thanks I’ll give that a try!

It depends on how the application is built. Looking at the API documentation, you can provide a time stamp of when the review was done. However, without an internet connection, you won’t be able to get your next review for that item.


Yeah I assumed that might be the case. Thanks!

No, just to restrict my access during certain hours of the day. I have a feeling if I turned the router off my housemates would cause an uproar :joy: :joy:

I think this is probably my best option seeing as there doesn’t seem to be a great offline alternative for my laptop. Thanks!


Yeah I have been using it when I dont have the PC nearby, for over 6 months. Is flawless and I’m actually quicker sometimes in the lessons and reviews, this way.

Long long time ago when we were able to fly inside airplanes, I would also advance, and it would sync up when I reached a connection.

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I’ve been asking for this for 3 years :wink:

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