Going offline for 2 weeks

This has been asked before but seems like not since the vacation button has been available

I get that the vacation button will protect me from being overwhelmed by reviews when I get back but how do I guard against brain fade? I will have time to study just not likely to have a signal in the backwaters of the UK canal system :slight_smile:

Can I print out the kanji I have already started learning (I’m on level 8)? So I can do paper reviews while I’m away? Is there an offline app for study?

Help appreciated I love all aspects of this learning system and want to at least not slip backwards when I am at last allowed out of the house




If you have an Android phone, Flaming Durtles allows for offline reviews. I personally haven’t used the app, so I’m not sure if the two week time period would be a problem when it comes to synching your reviews. You can always read around or ask in the thread. ^^

Edit: it says in the top post that FD only has to sync once a month.

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That looks fantastic, just installing it on my phone, thank you!

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FD has no problem with a couple of weeks of being offline. The app needs to sync at least once a month as it double checks that you still have an active subscription, but that’s it.

The downside of being offline for a long time is that you only unlock new subjects during a sync. So if you happen to Guru a radical on day one, it’ll take two weeks before you get to do the kanji lessons locked behind that radical.

But maybe you can squeeze in an occasional quick sync here and there, just to pick up new unlocks?

(That is, if you’re even an Android user, of course…)


I should get online every now and then, so this app is perfect for my needs, just tried it and it gives so many statistics over and above what I normally see on my laptop, love it!


If you like the large amount of information that FD gives you, you can get most of it on your laptop as well. You can install userscripts that do similar things, and in fact, many of FD’s features were directly inspired by popular userscripts. They can be a little temperamental at times, especially when the WK devs are actively updating the site with new functionality, but they’re very useful.


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