App for phone to help me do better during reviews

Are their any apps on the phone that I can use to help me get better at reviews?


There is no official WaniKani app but there are apps that have been made by other users.

If you use an Android phone you can use Flaming Durtles.

Or if you use an iPhone there is Tsurukame.


Those are apps that let you do Wanikani on your phone. I believe @clarke9901 was asking about apps that help you improve review accuracy? In which case, I can’t really think of anything that could help. Could you be more specific? Which part of reviews are you having trouble with specifically?


Yeah, it sounds like they just want… other kanji learning apps that aren’t WaniKani?

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What do you mean by “get better at reviews” ?


I am also confused by what exactly you’re looking for…

But if you want to do more reviews outside of WK, you could always make radical/kanji/vocab flashcard decks using something like Quizlet or Anki. Does that help?

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