New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]

It’s a small gap before the sound that comes next.

The mobile versions (yes, there are multiple) are made by users, and are unofficial. You can find threads for them in the API and Third-Party Apps category of the forum. That’s the best place to give them suggestions.

That makes more sense, thank you. I couldn’t exactly figure out what the speakers are saying it so I thought it was an elongation and not a pause.

I misspoke. I don’t use an WanKani app; just a regular browser app on my mobile to access the site.

The second thing happens to me too on Chrome (mobile). This is something to tell @viet, but I bet he already knows about it. Next time you find something wrong with the site (like a design feature like this, or something that used to work and stops) there is a “BUGS” section in the WaniKani section of the forum.

I just click on it to see what it is, load the item page. Not the best solution, but it’s been okay. I like the font size being used for it currently. It’d be nice if the boxes were larger/could be wider instead.

Edit: also, mobile is only psuedo-supported.

hey guys! i’ve just recently joined wanikani. I’ve also downloaded the mobile app for wanikani. Problem is i can’t find my public api key anywhere so I can’t sign in :frowning: . Where do i find it? or perhaps I have to complete a certain number of lessons first?

Go here, scroll down a bit.

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Nice! thank you so much!

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I’m not sure if I’m using WK right. I’ve heard people complaining (and people complaining about people complaining) about WK being slow at start. At first, I kinda agreed. I was first given 26 radicals and it took couple days to get them to guru, then it was 18 kanjis, and again, couple days to guru them. After that however, I feel like the system just throws you into the deep end of the pool; all of a sudden I was given 34 new radicals,8 kanjis and 44 new vocabulary, all at the same time. Am I somehow doing this wrong, is it supposed to ramp up at such ridiculous rate? I always thought that my memory was decent but this is just overwhelming, suddenly trying to remember ~80 new meanings and readings in a single session.

No, it’s working as intended. You can do it in chunks of course, but just be aware that if you do it at half speed, you will double the time it takes to complete it. There are a lot of kanjis in japanese…

Okay,thanks. I’m just a bit worried that when I get to level 3, the system suddenly wants me to learn like 300 new meanings and readings.

It’s around 30-35 kanji per level, and 1-2 vocab items per kanji you burned from last level. 60-80 new lessons will be the norm.

Hey, just started! I’ve got about 3 chapters of Genki under my belt and wanted to work on kanji simultaneously. Is there a way to see your time count down until your next set of radicals or kanji will be available? The interface is a little confusing at first glance and it’s hard to know what to do next. Some sort of visible countdown might be helpful. Just a thought :smiley:

You can’t do that by default, but you can add widgets created by users like this one. It’s not quite what you’re describing, but it let’s you visualize upcoming reviews, and if you know how the system works, you can tell when you’ll level up and unlock new items.

Here’s a tutorial for installing userscripts.

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And to go off of what @antagonisten said, the odd level-up (depending on how many kanji you guru’d at once) might unlock as much as 120 lessons at once (but not all of them will be vocab). Once you are a paying member (level 4 and up) you can look ahead at the levels and see how many of each kind of item you can expect. When I was at one particular level that felt really hard for me and overwhelming amount of stuff (level 11, I think it was) I looked it up and saw that I was right - it was the level with the most kanji I’d ever had, and the most around it on either side within 8-10 levels. So some times when levelling up, it will be heavier than others. But around 80 per level up sounds about standard to me.


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Hello! I feel welcomed :joy:

Glad you feel welcome… So much so you’re moved to tears? 感動した。

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Hello! I’m super confused when it says that I have to ‘say hello in community chats’

You just kind of did that. We’ve been telling them to directly link to the introductions thread for a while.

Yup! Welcome to the forums and WaniKani, by the way. There’s an introduction thread too, if you’re interested.

Hi, folks! Where can I find the chat?