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Can anyone see what’s wrong with me answering the below question? Unless I copy/paste the hiragana after I get the question wrong, I cannot get the question answered correctly. I can type ni yu u and get the same symbols to appear, but they’re always considered incorrect.



yes, you typed niyuu instead of nyuu.

Because にゆう is not correct. The right answer is にゅう. So not “ni yu u” but “nyu u”. Look up “glotal stop”. In general you ought to go through the basics of grammar before starting Kanji.

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You might find some useful starting information in the main post in this thread:

Good luck in your studies ^^

The little ゆ (ゅ) is a different sound than a big one. These smaller kana, when attached to certain other kana, will produce a blended sound. にゅう would sound more like “nyuu” while にゆう would read like “niyuu”.

A way to create the smaller kana would be to type an l before the character you want to type (probably standing for “little” I’d imagine) or to just type whatever smaller kana you want, leaving out the vowel of the preceding character.

Example: nyuu (にゅう) or chyuu (ちゅう). (You can even leave off the y if you want in most (if not all) cases)

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Yep, this is a common beginner’s mistake.

You’ll want to check out these links:

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Beat me to it! ^_~

I was coming at it from the IME angle first this time.

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There’s no glottal stop in にゅう though … This is the glottal stop:


Er, I mixed it up with the small つ, my bad, was typing on my phone.

That’s called gemination:

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