New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]

This is what they’re referring to by “community chat”. Even though it’s a forum.

Thanks, do you have a link to it, I can’t manoeuvre around this! Heh. ^v^’

Hehee. I asked AnimeCanuck for assistance ^v^’

Okay… wait, did you?

Either way, I don’t see how that’s relevant, this isn’t AnimeCanuck’s thread even if AnimeCanuck created the version that exists on the new forums.

EDIT: Also, the message of mine you replied to wasn’t directed at you? It was directed at the person above me who asked the same question you asked.

Leebo was only trying to be helpful. Most people on the forums usually are and will jump in when they know something. Anyway, I’ve added a link to the Introductions thread (it’s in the Campfire section, by the way) up in the OP at the bottom in the “new FAQ” section.

(Leebo, I’m a bit confused too.)

It seems you figured it out, but just know that you won’t be able to reach level 4 until you subscribe.

So i have a question, i feel like, which i know has been said, but i have been on lvl 1 for like 4 days now. i have aced them all a few times, not always though. I was wondering when this would ramp up? i was just wondering because i want to learn but this seems exetremly slow

Your profile says it’s only been a day. Not sure if there’s a discrepancy or what, but basically the way it works is level 1 starts with 26 radicals. Once you do the lessons, you have to review them, and get correct answers, 4 consecutive times for them to reach the “guru” stage. This will unlock the associated kanji characters and it repeats with those to unlock vocab. This is outlined in the FAQ and Guide, though some of the details about the amount of time you have to wait is outdated or doesn’t apply to levels 1 and 2 (which are sped up relative to most levels).

It’s possible to reach level 2 (reach guru on more than 90% of the level 1 kanji) in a little over 3 days. So if you have been reviewing radicals for more than that length of time, maybe you need to review more times per day.

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ありがとう! I was mainly just looking for the 4 consecutive times answer. I had just not seen where i had made an progress. I just like the visual of improving and since i couldn’t find it, i was getting annoyed. ありがとう for providing this information!

You might want to get that Dashboard Progress Plus that I’ve linked in the OP to help you visualise​ your progress.

@Leebo were you looking at the profile on WK or here within Discourse? I do believe there is a discrepancy and Discourse counts since your first time being in the forums. Only those of us who were on the old forums before the move have either the actual start date or one day later (in my case and the case of at least a few others I’ve seen one day later).

I looked at both. They’re roughly the same and both less than 4 days.

Huh. *shrugs* Well that was me going off your comment that it looked like he’d only been around for one day.

Thanks for keeping an eye on this thread. : D

The best way to suspense


Hey there, while using the app I have the possibility to correct my answers with the “x” cross. There seem to be no such function when using the broweser or do I overlook something?


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The apps are made by third parties, not by WaniKani themselves. As such, they sometimes have features that are unique to the particular app or adapted from existing browser userscripts. Check out the API and Third-Party Apps section for userscripts you can install in your browser to modify WaniKani. The one you want is called Override.

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The apps aren’t official and are instead made by members of the community. Most if not all of them have built in userscript, including the override script you mention. If you want to have the same in your browser, you’ll have to install userscripts. Mempo has a nice guide on how to install scripts. And there is an entire forum section dedicated to scripts and other community made tools and addons. You can find the override script here.

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Alright, sorry, thank you

Is called “user script” and it’s not available as an official feature of wanikani. This tool might hinder your progress. Use it with caution.

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Other users already have pointed out the answer to this, but I’m just wondering, what application are you using?

My guess would be this one, unless the iOS app uses an x as well.