Common WK Mistakes


So, I’m wondering how this is wrong.
It’s exactly the same as the answer shown below my answer. Was I supposed to only choose one on’yomi reading?

I want to avoid making too many silly mistakes in the future, so I was also curious about other common mistakes people make answering WK questions.
Maybe we can help each other out.
Preparing to take notes :writing_hand::notebook:


You’re only suppose to type in one of the readings. Either りき or りょく.

Check this out if you want to get an idea of how things work in WaniKani:

And this as well:


Thank you, @xyzbuster . I’ll be sure not to do that again. :blush:


Almost all kanji have multiple readings. WaniKani pulls out the readings that are used most commonly and puts them on the kanji, with the left-most reading usually being the most used. In this case, りょく will be much more common, but you’ll find a few words (I can think of two from my level downward) that use りき. It’s providing you multiple to prepare you for those oddities, but allowing you/expecting you to only input one.


Check out the FAQ. It has tons of super useful information in it.


Well, I skimmed through the FAQ and such before, but I guess my biggest noob mistake was not taking the time to REALLY look through it.
Thank you for the links to the FAQ and the fantastic thread like this one that has apparently already been made. It’s all really great information.
Now I’m just going to hope this thread dies quietly with at least a tiny bit of dignity. :sweat_smile:


Oh no! What have you done? :roll_eyes: Better hope a certain someone or someone don’t find this. prepares for the the meme train


There is literally no chance of that happening now.


Lol! Oh lawdy. I can’t stop. I woke up today and thought “I’m gonna be a noob master!”image


I get the feeling this will be me all day.image


Common mistakes I make include typing the reading instead of the meaning and vice versa. All. The. Time. Also typing the kanji reading instead of the vocabulary reading when the word has a purple background. The other way around has built-in forgiveness. And at first I would often mistype hiragana and not notice till it was too late. I’m getting better at that one, though.

These are like 70% of my errors. So I guess what I’m saying is wake up and focus before starting reviews. I may even listen to my own advice one day.


Yes!! I’ve already done that a few times too. You really can’t do these reviews half asleep or zoned out. :laughing:


Yeah, I installed the ignore script so as to not be penalised for my fingers disobeying my brain.


This mistake is straight up so common that one might think they would make it so you get a warning or something if you do this, at least for some of the lower levels.

So don’t worry. It’s not like you’re the first, and you won’t be the last.

My number one tip is to be careful with how many lessons you do and how fast you level up. Suddenly you will find yourself on level 13 with 200+ reviews coming in every day. The nature of a system like WK is that the workload is very light for a few levels, and then it gets exponentially tougher until you reach an "“equilibrium”. From some threads I’ve seen this equilibrium happens around level 25~ if you level up as fast as you can (I think. I might be off though). If you go slower, you will reach the equilibrium faster.

Just… Go fast for a little bit, and once you feel like you’re getting just a -little bit- overloaded with reviews, cool down the lessons.


Yeah, that’s a common WK mistake…


This sounds great. What is “ignore script”?


I think you mean ‘highly dangerous’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, but seriously, I can totally see the appeal. I just no way in all hell trust myself not to cheat with it. I also found that the further I got the less I made the ‘wrote the reading in the meaning box’ mistake, so now I really don’t think it’s worth it.

But if you want it:

I think this is the current version.


Hmm… I guess I was hoping it was something different. I think I’ll just do my best to pay attention to the reviews. It seems easier to me. Lol! Thank you for the link. :grin:


I’d say that’s a good idea.

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