Hi i'm new here and confused could someone help

I’m always getting にゅうand じゅうincorrect in my reading answer reviews if i dont copy paste them even if i spell it out correctly could anyone please tell me what im doing wrong. I type in (ni yu u) and (ji yu u) respectively for each and it’s coming out wrong.

You do it as nyu or jyu

Combination hiragana drop the I from the consonant.

にゅ ≠ にゆ
じゅ ≠ じゆ

The first I didn’t put the “I” in, the second I did so the ゆ is bigger. (also, you don’t pronounce the I in にゅ or any combination kana)


If you don’t know about ゆ versus ゅ, you should brush up you basics on Hiragana. Hiragana is the prerequisite to using WaniKani.

About how to type, see



Thanks for the fast response it helped a lot.

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