Need help translating a sentence

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First of all, sorry if this kind of topic doesn’t belong here or if it’s not allowed. I’d appreciate if someone could me to the right place.

Anyways, I saw this image:

Aaand I got kinda curious of what does “骨までミックミクにしてあげる” means. It seems something like “I will become Miku Miku(a character)”, but it doesn’t really seem to make sense in this context.


I think it could mean, 'I’ll make it Miku Miku right down to the bone", possibly.


骨 - bone
まで - until
ミックミクに - for Miku
してあげる - to do/make something in service of someone else

Literally translates as “I will do it for Mikumiku up to the bone”.
So like I’ll give anything for her?

Similar to this sentence structure:

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にする can be used as “make”.


(Something)にする can mean “make X something” where X was omitted


Ah ok, that makes sense then

EDIT: So like this grammar point. Can it be used with non-adjectives? Or is miku here an adjective?

Isn’t the character saying the line Miku? So why would Miku be saying she’ll do something for Miku?

Btw, googling it, みくみくにしてあげる appears to be one of those vocaloid songs. To me the whole thing seems kind of gibberishy.


So she will be making something/someone else miku-ish, up to their bone?

Good point, didn’t think of that. Though the fact that something is going to be made by Miku, makes me think that Miku will turn other people into Miku as well? And she does it for them as well?

I believe Miku Miku is some kind of anime character

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We would usually say “to the bone” in English.

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Wait, how did you find this if you don’t know Miku?


I got a decent laugh from the image and text since I know of the character.


My friend sent me the image, because a skeleton talking japanese and posing like an anime character seemed funny

edit: specially because it appears to be in a didatic book

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Anyway, みくみくにしてあげる appears to be a vocaloid song, the meaning of which I would take to be “I’ll make it miku-miku (for you)” or “I’ll make you miku-miku” or possibly “I’ll do (something) for you miku-mikuly” but it’s not like “miku-miku” has some actual meaning in Japanese, unless it’s defined in the fandom. And the reference to “to the bone” is just there because this is some kind of skeleton diagram.


Ah right, so miku-miku is an adjective here?
I thought miku-miku was just how she was referring to herself in a childish way.

Maybe if you listen to the song it would be clearer. I don’t see how anyone could tell from this alone.

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I just started listening to it, and it says 君のこと before the みくみくにしてあげる part. (At least the first time it’s said. I haven’t listened to the whole song.)

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If that was the case though, she’d be both the speaker and the target of あげる, so unless she’s quoting someone else at the same time it just doesn’t really make any sense.

But I’m probably at the limit of my desire to dig into it, so maybe someone who is more familiar can provide more insight.


I’m pretty sure this is one of those anime sadist あげる uses where the speaker is gonna do something awful to you but act like it’s a favor. (If you’ve ever heard 殺してあげる from a yandere character it’s the same idea) I think this is might be from one of those creepy horror vocaloid things where miku is a creepy robot or something, vocaloid songs can be made by anyone so some of them are pretty weird. I’m not familiar with this particular song tho. I would definitely read it as “I’ll make you (into) mikumiku.” Not sure if that helps any.

Can you show us the entire page? It looks like it has something to do with explaining the skeleton. An interesting note,「まで」can be used as “even” (in the sense that something unexpected is displayed, i.e. “he even likes snakes!”). Is it possible / sensible in this context that the line is saying something like “I’ll even make Miku Miku from bones”?