My Journey of 352 days

It took some time but I made it! Still need to complete the level 60 kanji, but I’ve finally reached the golden level.


Level up chart:

Stats and chart are from the ever so useful


I first started studying Japanese around 12 years ago, in high school. As part of the IB (International Baccalaureate) program, I had to take a second language. Most people were taking French, because we were in Canada, but I wasn’t really interested in it. My high school did offer Japanese though, and I was starting to get interested in anime at the time, so I figured why not.

I took Japanese for 3 years in high school. Learning hiragana and katakana and maybe 50-ish kanji in those 3 years, along with some very basic grammar, it was a pretty laid-back course. We also had a school trip to Japan in the second year, which was exciting because I thought I would be able to put to use some of the Japanese I had learned. But boy was I wrong. So much of everything was in kanji that I just couldn’t read, and we had only really learned about grammar using the ます/です form. It gave me a taste of just how important kanji was to being able to read anything in Japanese.

Entering University, I was able to transfer the high school courses to University credits, where they counted for the first year’s course. So I was able to immediately take the 2nd year Japanese course in University, studying Japanese for another 3 years during my CompSci degree. Despite enjoying the class, I was getting B+ grades at the start, and near the end those turned into C+ grades, mainly due to my inability to retain Kanji. It wasn’t really because the class was hard or unfair, it was more of an issue of me just not studying them enough at the time, since I think we only needed to know like 500 or so by the end of the 4th year, and I wasn’t the most proactive University student.

For a few years I didn’t really study much or use Japanese much at all, but then in 2017 I got a job at a small games company that worked with a few Japanese developers. I was able to talk to some of the company’s Japanese contacts, which was really nice, and I also was able to test one of the games in Japanese. But I still struggled with reading, mainly kanji, which definitely slowed down my communication and testing of that one game.

Fast forward to a year ago, fresh off of a vacation from Japan I decided I wanted to try to brush up my Japanese skills a bit more to have an easier time getting around and communicating the next time I went. I found “WaniKani” listed in a company resource page, and I was pretty quickly hooked.

The Process

The first 10 levels or so weren’t that difficult, since I knew probably around 200 or so kanji coming into WaniKani. But as it went on, more and more unfamiliar kanji were popping up. I think it was probably after level 10 that each level was 90% kanji I didn’t know.

Like most people here, I ended up finding the Ultimate Guide to WaniKani [link here], which was a great help. After going through it, I started structuring my reviews and lessons around the SRS cycles. Looking at my graph, you can tell it was around level 21 that I got really serious about trying to maintain an optimal pace.

For the standard levels, I would make sure to do all the radical lessons as soon as they unlocked, since they were rather easy (no reading to learn). And then when the second batch of kanji lessons unlocked, I would do those all at once too. Doing 15 or so kanji lessons in an hour wasn’t too difficult. As for the other lessons, I would do the kanji ones first and then the vocab ones. Normally I would spread them throughout the week at a pace of 5 lessons per hour I was awake, but making sure to do all of the first wave of kanji lessons before the second wave unlocked. At that pace it was pretty easy to get through all the lessons and reviews at max speed. I did aim for 6 day 20 hour levels, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it since it had me getting up at weird hours of the night to do lessons or reviews. The 7 day cycle is much easier to work with.

For the fast levels the strategy was mostly the same, but I would do all the kanji lessons immediately after leveling up. To help with this, I started reviewing the next level’s kanji near the end of the previous level, when I had some downtime. Even if I only look at half of the kanji for the next level, it was super helpful in letting me do all the kanji lessons in 1 hour. The pace at which I did lessons also had to increase. I followed a system where I would do new lessons if doing the lessons wouldn’t put me at more than 20 reviews when they came back up for their first review. To give an example, let’s say it’s 1pm. WaniKani shows I have 3 reviews coming up at 5pm, so I would do 15 lessons at 1pm, giving me 18 reviews at 5pm after the lessons were done. I always did lessons in the WK standard batches of 5. And as opposed to the standard levels, I only aimed for 3 day 12 hour levels for these, since leveling up in the middle of the night at 4am and doing all the new kanji lessons would probably have been too much for me. I ended up settling into an 8pm/8am cycle, where I would level up at either 8pm or 8am.

I only used a handful of scripts, mainly the re-order script and the override (aka undo) script. I think these 2 scripts are the most important if you’re aiming to go through WaniKani fast, as you need to do radical and kanji lessons right away, and it’s very helpful to have the ability to “undo” silly mistakes, like where WaniKani doesn’t have the meaning you provided as a synonym for the word even though it’s listed as one of the word’s meanings in the dictionary.

Working from home these past 8 months (due to the Coronavirus pandemic) has also been a major help in speeding through WaniKani, since I can just do reviews as they pop up. I was able to do them pretty regularly at the office too, but I’m not sure the long streak of 6 day 20 hour levels would’ve been possible if I was still commuting every day.

Going forward

Even though I’ve reached level 60, I’m still not really done with WaniKani. My goal is to burn everything eventually. One thing I’m also thinking of doing in a few weeks or so is reviewing items in level 1 to see if I’ve forgotten any of them, and if I mess up on their review I’ll unburn them. I’ll do that for a while to try and really cement the WaniKani items in my mind.

I also have a few manga I should read through now, and some games in Japanese I’d like to play. Looking forward to getting lots of reading done now! And hopefully planning another trip to Japan, once the Coronavirus situation is more under control!

Thanks to everyone in the community for all the useful scripts and posts everyone has made, it’s made the kanji learning journey a lot more fun!


Congratulations! :smiley: :crabigator: :cake:


amazing, congrats!


Congrats!!! Amazing job! :partying_face: Also the amount of discipline holy shirt.


おめでとう :confetti_ball: :tada: :crabigator:
Good work it seems lots of people reach level 60 right now. We pretty much have a level 60 thread every day.


Congratulations on making it to the end! :partying_face: :confetti_ball:

You’ve deserved this cake! :cake: :tada:

Truly impressive speed and consistency! :star_struck: I’ll be stealing that that tip about sneaking a peek on upcoming items if I have downtown to make lessons go easier! ^>^


Truly impressive

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Well done!!! Very impressive!

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hey, congrats!

can you say a bit more about the scripts you used? no idea what you re talking about

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I listed the scripts I had but I can go over them a bit.

The first one is just the basic WK Open Framework script, which is more of a super script that many other scripts use. Can be found here.

The second script, and probably the most important one I used, was the reorder script. This lets me re-order the lessons and reviews that WaniKani gives me, so I can prioritize radical and kanji lessons after leveling up (and also progress blocking review items when they hit their next SRS stage). You can find this script here.

Another useful script was the Override script, which basically just adds an undo (“Ignore Answer”) button to the reviews page. This is useful for if you fat finger a response (i and u are so close to each other on the keyboard sometimes) or if you put in an obvious synonym that WaniKani doesn’t recognize (i.e. “bravely fight” instead of “fight bravely”). This script can be found here.

I also had the heatmap script installed. It gives you an overview of how many reviews you’re doing per day, here’s a screenshot of my heatmap.

It’s not as important as the others above, but it’s fun to have some more stats as you go along. You can find this script here.

And the last script I have installed is the leeches script, which just shows you your worst performing items. I didn’t really find this one too useful, but it can be important to know which items you need to spend some extra time reviewing. You can find this one here.



Your speed and consistency is amazing. This is great. :+1: :partying_face:

This heatmap shows remarkable consistency in doing reviews. This is impressive again.

This script does more that give an overview of reviews. If you click on a day it shows statistics on what was done that day, including accuracy stats. You can also drag over days to get stats on the whole period.

With the accuracy you have there shouldn’t be much need to study leeches. I think the script you used is a bit obsolete because a more full featured available. The replacement is better suited to those who need to actively study their leeches because it can display meanings and readings in popups. This is convenient when reviewing the leeches. There are features for those who want to cram their burned items as well.

I am partial because I am the author of the replacement script. But for those who want to try it out it is here.


That’s impressive stuff!

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bow haikyu
Congratularions Girakacheezer-先輩! What an amazing achievement!

Good to hear that you are still going to be doing WK. Hope you will still be around the forums.

Do you mind if I ask what these are? Just curious what material you would be planning to do after the golden 60. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors 先輩! And here is the :cake:
cake nakiri alice

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That graph is so flat, it looks like a cross-section of the Dutch countryside…


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Such a beautiful level-up graph :star_struck: :sob: :star_struck: :sob: :star_struck: Congratulations, and welcome to the club! I see someone has already provided you with your cake.

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Sure thing! Here’s my little manga collection so far.

  • Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 1 - 10
  • One Punch Man 1 - 7, 10, and 16
  • Keroro Gunsou 1 - 5
  • Lucky Star 2 - 3
  • Nichijou 1 - 5
  • Yotsuba 1 - 6
  • My Hero Academia 1 - 4, and 18
  • Pop Team Epic (don’t know what number this is, or if it’s numbered)

I also have Dangan Ronpa 2 on Steam which I can play in Japanese (played through the first in Japanese already), and I also have the Japanese switch release of Cave Story+.


@girakacheezer congratulations! Happy for you!

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I was waiting for your last post in the 0/0 streak topic. But I totally missed this lv 60 post of yours.

Does this make you the fastest finisher of Wanikani?

Of the many days that you finish in less than 7 days. How did you do it? As in how did you manage the time? I find it hard to get all the reviews done asap, since they would start to drift around the clock and would end up being in the middle of my sleep time.

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I don’t know if I’m the fastest finisher so far, but I do believe there is another WK user on the forums who is aiming for an even faster completion time.

As for the 6d20h levels, the main strategy was doing 15-20 reviews for every hour I was awake, with normal waking hours being like 8am to 12am. If reviews popped up during the night I would normally let them roll over to the next morning. But, if progress blocking reviews were scheduled for the middle of the night, I would set an alarm to wake up at that hour and only do the progress blocking reviews. Progress blocking reviews are always either radicals (the first half of the level), or kanji (the second half). Since my phone app (Flaming Durtles) was able to reorder reviews so that the progression reviews came up first, this means I had at most 15-20 reviews to do in the middle of the night (but more often it was around 5-10 reviews). So it wasn’t too hard to wake up, do the reviews, and then go right back to sleep.

I stopped doing this during the fast levels though, since every level is like 30+ progress blocking reviews all at once, and god forbid you had to level up in the middle of the night and tackle 30+ lessons at the same time. So I just stuck to a 3d12h cycle once the fast levels came.

EDIT: Also, for the 0/0 thread, I’m waiting until I’m done all my level 60 lessons (aka all the lessons in the entirety of WaniKani) to post there again.

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I tried waking up once, then decided I hate the idea haha. Thats a lot of dedication from you! Even if its not that many reviews. I will aim for 7 days and not 6 days 20 hours, but I must admit, going max speed has its thrill.I did it for lv2 and 3, then life kinda got in the way and I couldn’t do review right on the hour.

I still want to reach lv 60 in less than a year tho! 365 days.
If I’m correct, there are 43 normal levels, and 16 fast levels (including lv 1 and 2, excluding the lv60 itself).
If I take 3.5 days per fast levels, I will have 7 days 4 hours ish per normal levels.
Definitely doable!

Congratz again on your Wanikani speedrunning. I hope you do get the world record lol.

I will be waiting for your final 0/0 thread then! Goodluck with your further study!
I bet it feels weirdly empty not that there is no more wanikani lessons to do.

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