Must have scripts?


What are some must have scripts to enhance WaniKani?


Here are some threads where people have discussed what they feel are useful scripts for them:

Hopefully this is helpful for you!


I can’t live without this one

Also it’s not a script, but this is too


Well…? Are you going to tell us what it is too? I’ve been staring at your reply for the past 9 minutes waiting for an answer. Please let me have closure.


Take a closer look

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I don’t use any scripts. But that’s cause I’m going for the whole “bad boy” image.


The ones I would never use again Wanikani without are, in order of importance:

WaniKani Override (ignore an incorrect answer and retry, use for typo/unrecognized synonyms)
WaniKani Reorder Ultimate (control the order in which you do lessons/reviews)
Wanikani Ultimate Timeline (shows how many reviews are coming up and when)
Wanikani Real Numbers (drops the “42+” in favor of actual numbers)

There are other good ones but these are absolutely essential, in my opinion, to getting a better experience out of WK. I would be multiple levels lower than I am now without WK Override in particular, as a few ill-timed typos can set you back days.

They’re all available from The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps


Do you want to use the pitch accent script? Of course you want to use the pitch accent script!

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