Marking Myself Right When Typo

I have a keyboard that sometimes inserts ‘tt’ instead of just ‘t’ on a single button press, and this has lead to occasionally making mistakes while going quickly in reviews. Is there any way for me to “force” mark myself right in certain, limited situations? I would understand why not (it would be easily abused…) but I just want to confirm. It feels kinda frustrating to lose progress when it’s not an actual memory mistake, but a logistical one. Or I could just go slower!

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Yes indeey!

The wonderful @rfindley made a script just for that:

Since you’ve already said you’re aware of the potential for abuse, I shan’t share my cautionary tales with you this time :wink:


Wonderful, I’ll look into it! Thank you!


No problem at all.

It might be worth checking out The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps - there are some very helpful scripts that can really help as you progress :slight_smile:

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This script has saved me so many times!

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I have used it three times already tonight - curse my typing too fast, it’s usually て when I mean で that gets me :stuck_out_tongue:

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sometimes i rage-quit chrome and open it up some seconds later. magically, wk forgets my mistake :slight_smile:

That works only if you’ve just done one of the two reviews for a particular card (i.e. either meaning or reading, but not both). If you’ve done both, it’s been saved and logged.

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