🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

Summary post

I wanted to post about a few more things and then make a wrap-up post, but got too busy at the end of the month and ended up not having the time! :sweat_smile:

I had another small listening comprehension victory last week! I was working on translating Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling’s September 16 show, and for the first time, I was able to actually figure out a puzzling bit in the transcript of a wrestler’s comment by watching the video!

A couple sentences into Miu Watanabe’s comment, the shupro transcript had this: “そこで海外の方とシングルの経験を積めるのはすごいことですし、逆に英語の人…ですかね? 日本語じゃない人と闘ったことがないので。でも語源? 言葉じゃない何かで勝ちたいと思います.” I could not for the life of me figure out what “でも語源?” was referring to. 語源 just seems to mean “etymology”!

But then I watched the video, and I think what happened is that Miu says “言語(げんご)” (language), then corrects herself to “語源(ごげん)” (etymology), then gives up on trying to remember the correct order of げん and ご in the word she wants and just says “言葉(ことば)” (words) instead, haha!

Here’s a photo from the show. This is the rookie Moka Miyamoto, who has a karate background, fighting visiting guest wrestler Mei Suruga, who came last minute in as a replacement for All Elite Wrestling’s nonbinary zombie Abadon, who unfortunately was not able to make it to Japan due to visa issues. Mei took her role as Abadon’s replacement very seriously, haha, and she bit Moka several times during the match.

I also finished the show I was watching in Spanish (La Casa de las Flores), so I struggled a bit trying to find something else to watch in the last few days of the month because I didn’t want to start anything new.

I ended up choosing a netflix movie for the very last day of the challenge. It’s called Elisa y Marcela, and it’s a period piece about a real lesbian couple who managed to get legally married by tricking a priest over 100 years before gay marriage was legal in Spain.

I thought the movie was decent, and the dialogue was a lot more sparse than La Casa de las Flores, which made it a much easier listening experience!