🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

Going to start with tentatively committing to just the remainder of June for now! When the read every day challenge starts back up, I’ll reevaluate and see how I feel about doing both.

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= Japanese
= Japanese and Spanish

I’m also aiming once again for practicing both Japanese and Spanish! I’ve been working on my Spanish listening practice pretty regularly already, but I’m going to try to commit to practicing it every day.

Just like with the read every day challenge, I won’t be posting daily updates here, though I’ll be posting about it in my study log and in the pro-wrestling thread. I’ll try to check in every now and then, though!

What I'm listening to in Spanish:

The main thing I’ve been listening to is Duolingo’s Spanish podcast. It’s very doable for my current ability level, and I can listen to it while exercising, which is awesome.

I want to try watching more TV in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. Netflix has a good amount of shows. I already tried Nailed It! Mexico months and months ago, and I could follow it fairly well without needing to look anything up (it helps that there isn’t a strong incentive to understand every detail in order to follow the “plot” of that show haha).

I also recently found out about Señorita 89, which is not on Netlfix, but it looked interesting, so I might try to track it down, assuming I can find it with Spanish subtitles.

Besides those things, I occasionally watch lucha libre shows (mainly AAA, but I’ve watched a little CMLL), so that’s another possibility for listening practice.

What I'm listening to in Japanese:

As far as actual dedicated listening practice goes, I’m considering trying out some of these children’s stories that are available on this website. I’m also considering Nihongo con Teppei, which has been on my radar for a while, but I haven’t even tried it, so I’m not sure if it’s suitable for my level or too easy or what.

I already watch quite a bit of Japanese pro wrestling, haha, so that will probably be the majority of my practice. Lately, I’ve been watching Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, DDT Pro-Wrestling, a little bit of Pro Wrestling NOAH and ChocoPro, and a fair amount of indie joshi wrestling. Besides just watching shows, there’s also loads of other audio content, like backstage interviews, press conferences, random twitter videos, etc.

TJPW also has a new show that’s sort of a small scale competition with four candidates who are all women with different backgrounds in the entertainment industry. The women are trying out different wrestling things, and the winner will get to achieve her dream of becoming a wrestler. I talk a little more about it (and link to the first episode) in this post here.

The first episode has Japanese subtitles, so I’m hoping the rest do as well. I’m planning on watching the whole show if I can, though mostly just for passive immersion without aiming for full comprehension (my Japanese is just not good enough yet for that without it taking a whole lot of extra time). I am going to try to learn at least a few words every episode if possible, though.

With Japanese listening practice in general, most of my immersion will probably be passive rather than active.

Part II:

I’m back again for the off-month, after finishing the read every day challenge!

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= Japanese
= Japanese and Spanish

What I'm listening to in Spanish:

I’ve been listening to the Duolingo podcast and watching La Casa de las Flores on Netflix with Spanish subtitles. I largely fell out of listening practice over the past couple months when I was focusing on reading, so I’m more or less picking back up where I left off with the podcast and the show at the end of June.

What I'm listening to in Japanese:

Like last time, almost all of my listening practice will be Japanese pro wrestling related. I might watch some more episodes of 夢プロレス - dream on the ring -, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling’s new series on youtube, which I started watching during the first portion of this challenge. I’ll also do a lot of passive listening while watching wrestling shows and such.

The other thing main thing I’m going to be listening to this time are the post-match comments from the TJPW wrestlers. Since my last attempt at this challenge, I have acquired almost-complete transcripts of these videos, which I have been translating into English for a small audience on twitter :sweat_smile:. Since I have full transcripts now (thanks to subscribing to the shupro mobile site), listening is much more productive because I can get a lot more out of it by following along with the transcript, and it’s also really useful for improving my translations because it helps me have proper context for the lines.