The 🤼 プロレス thread! Learning Japanese through pro wrestling

Finished translating the September 16 TJPW show! Just one show left to do, and then the next one after that is Wrestle Princess on October 9!

This is the first translation I’ve attempted to do with the CAT software, and I do think it’s going to speed up the process a bit, so that’s exciting!

The first match to have post-match comments was Mei Suruga vs Moka Miyamoto. Moka was actually supposed to face AEW’s resident nonbinary zombie, Abadon, but Abadon had visa issues and wasn’t able to make it, so Mei came in and wrestled Moka instead. She took her role of being Abadon’s replacement very seriously, haha, and bit Moka several times in Abadon’s honor.

Her comments were also pretty funny because it seemed like she was sort of trying to play both sides, haha. She kept emphasizing in English that she was Abadon’s friend, then sided with Moka in Japanese.

For the first half of Mei’s comment, the part I wasn’t quite sure about was this last line: “もかさん、大変噛んでしまって申し訳ありませんでしたという気持ちもございますが、本来はもかさんは今日、あのアバドンと試合をするということだったので。まぁアバドンよりかは体は小さいけど、アバドンよりかは何をするのか分からない駿河メイだと思うので.”

Mei: (in English) “Hey Abadon. I’m your friend, from today, because I bit people. I bit Moka Miyamoto. So, we are friends, so don’t worry, you get it.” (in Japanese) “Moka-san, I’m very sorry for biting you, but originally, you were supposed to have a match with Abadon today. Well, I’m smaller than Abadon, but I’m Mei Suruga, and you never know what I’m going to do any more than you know what Abadon will do."

Here’s the other half: “今後もしまたチャンスがあった時、アバドンと闘った時に今日の駿河メイを思い出して、逆にアバドンに正拳突きですか? かわらわりですか?を叩き込んでくださったらいいと思います。でも自分の東京女子のデビューは宮本もか選手とタッグを組んでのものだったので、今日こんなところで出会えると思っていなかったので、すごく嬉しいです。私はもかさんがアバドンに負けないことを祈っています.”

My main question here was what she meant by “かわらわりですか?”. I googled かわらわり, and it seems to be the Japanese name for the Pokemon move Brick Break, haha! So that was my best guess? :sweat_smile:

"If you get another chance to face Abadon in the future, will you remember Mei Suruga from today, and do a seiken-zuki against them? ‘Moka used Brick Break!’ It would be nice if you could hit that. But Moka was my tag partner in my TJPW debut match, and being able to have this match with her today by chance, it makes me really happy. I’m praying that Moka-san doesn’t lose to Abadon!” (in English) “But we are friends, Abadon, thank you!”

Moka’s comments were easier. The only part I had a little trouble with was “すごい表現も素敵で…私ももっともっと強くなりたいなって思いました.” I wasn’t exactly sure how to translate that first part.

Miyamoto: “Today Mei-san came in on short notice, and we had a match. I teamed up with Mei-san a few weeks after my debut, and I was hoping I’d get to fight her someday. I’m really happy that we were able to have a singles match like this. When we actually fought, I thought Mei-san was strong, and I was struck by how much she seemed to enjoy the match. She expressed herself wonderfully… It made me want to become stronger, too. Abadon wasn’t able to come this time, but I’d like to fight them someday if we get the chance.”

Yuka and Mizuki faced Shoko and Arisu, and the most notable thing that happened was Yuka lost her voice during the match. This is the entire theme of Yuka and Mizuki’s comments.

Mizuki: (to Sakazaki, who isn’t speaking) “Say something!” (laughs)

Sakazaki: (in a raspy voice) “Hi, I’m Yuka Sakazaki.”

Mizuki: “Your voice is gone” (laughs)

Then Yuka says, “東京女子のアリエル担当の…” I wasn’t quite sure where she was going with this :sweat_smile:.

Sakazaki: “I’m Ariel from TJPW, in charge of…”

Mizuki: “You’re not Ariel! I think you left your voice in the ring.” (laughs) “But thank you for winning successfully.”

Sakazaki: “I lost my voice in the middle of it… That’s all.”

(Nakajima said that there is something you’re hiding?)

“Of course there is.”

(You still aren’t showing it?)

“Of course not.”

(Did this really happen during the match?)

Mizuki: (interpreting) “I was normal until the middle of the match. Then, while fighting Arisu, I lost my voice.”

Shoko’s comments were a little harder. Lots of sentences in there that I wasn’t fully confident on. She said, “TDCホールまで、今日と次のKFCホールが当たれるチャンスというか、試合のチャンスだったなと思います。今日は有栖が粘ってくれたんですけど、試合としては負けてしまって。やっぱり、けっこう連戦も続いてて、試合の回数を重ねるごとにパワーアップしてるというか。どんどん知らない面を見せてくるようになったなと思ってて。でも私もこのままではないので、いま磨いてるものを完成させればきっと防衛できると信じてます。いま大事に自分の中で育ててるものがあるので、あと少しですが完成形にもっていきたいと思ってます.”

Nakajima: “Today and KFC Hall are my chances to face her before TDC Hall, or I should say the matches are opportunities. Today, Arisu hung in there, but we lost the match. Still, our series of matches continues, and I’m powering up more and more with every match. I think she’s showing more and more sides of herself that I hadn’t known. But the same isn’t true for me, so if I can perfect what I’m refining now, I believe that I’ll surely be able to defend my title. There is something that I am nurturing within myself, and it’s almost there, but I want to bring it to its final form.”

Arisu’s comment was a lot easier haha!

Endo: “I’ve been having a lot of matches with my senpais. On the one hand, I’m happy, but on the other, my own weaknesses are way too visible, and it’s really frustrating. I don’t know how to explain it, but… I still feel like I’m not good enough. I still haven’t won a singles match yet. So, I’m going to keep training, hone my skills more and more, increase my physical strength, and improve my power.”

Shoko’s other comment was also a bit confusing to me. I couldn’t tell what exactly the interviewer was asking, or what her answer meant: “(滅多に出さない技を出し合っていたが、近づくにつれての気持ちの表れ?)そうですね。ちょっと威嚇に近い部分はあるかもしれないんですけど、まだ自分は隠してます。でもユカッチも手の内をすべて出してるわけではないと思うし。ホントにこの1週間とか2週間ですっかり変わる人だと思っているので。そこに負けないようにしたいです.”

(You were exchanging rarely used moves; was that a sign of your feelings as the match gets closer?)

Nakajima: “Well… there might be a part of me that’s a little intimidated, but I’m keeping myself concealed. But I don’t think Yuka-chi has revealed all of her cards, either. I really think she’s someone who will change completely in the next week or two. I don’t want to lose to her there.”

Miu vs Suzume closed out the show, and it was a really fun main event! Both of them did a great job, and it was really exciting to see how far both of them have come. I’m looking forward to seeing Miu hopefully get that title run with the International belt, now that she earned herself a shot at it…

Miu’s comments in-ring seemed straightforward enough:

Miu: “I beat Suzume! So, with that, I am going to be challenging for the International title at Wrestle Princess on October 9! I think this summer has been a really intense one for Suzume as well, and for me it was a truly unforgettable summer. I don’t want to let my momentum from this summer cool off here. I think I have to gain more experience in order to get closer to reaching my senpais. I want to seize this opportunity to win the International belt… and I want to beat Alex-san! October 9 is just a few weeks away, so please give me your support. Thank you very much for today!”

Backstage, things got a little trickier, haha. This first part of her comments was a bit confusing to me, though I think I got the rest: “鈴芽に勝って、インターナショナルのベルトに10月9日に挑戦することを決めました。もう気が付けば9月も中旬で、この夏を振り返った時に『あの夏は…』みたいな風に終わらせたくないなと思っていて。この勢いをずっとつけたまんま、秋も冬も来年も進み続けたいなって。先輩に追いつくために、いろんなことを学びたいなってちょうど思ってた時に貰ったチャンスだったので.”

Miu: "I beat Suzume, and I am going to be challenging for the International belt on October 9! It’s already the middle of September, and when I look back on this summer, I don’t want it to end with me thinking something like, ‘that summer was…’ and it just stops there. I want to keep this momentum going, into autumn, winter, and next year. This opportunity came at a time when I was wanting to learn so many things so that I could catch up to my senpais. I feel so happy and relieved that I was able to seize this chance here. I think that by challenging Alex-san and hopefully winning the International belt, I will get to feel the greatness of my senpais, see new scenery, and gain new experiences. I want to learn a lot from this and do my best from here so that I can win that belt.”

In the next part of her comments, there was one part that was really confusing to me, but I think I actually managed to watch the video and figure it out myself haha.

A couple sentences in, the shupro transcript had this: “そこで海外の方とシングルの経験を積めるのはすごいことですし、逆に英語の人…ですかね? 日本語じゃない人と闘ったことがないので。でも語源? 言葉じゃない何かで勝ちたいと思います.” I could not for the life of me figure out what “でも語源?” was referring to. 語源 just seems to mean “etymology”!

But then I watched the video, and I think what happened is that Miu says “言語(げんご)” (language), then corrects herself to “語源(ごげん)” (etymology), then gives up on trying to remember the correct order of げん and ご in the word she wants and just says “言葉(ことば)” (words) instead, haha!

(This will be your first time challenging for a singles title at a big venue)

“It is my first time challenging at a big venue, isn’t it? The last time we were at TDC was when I lost the tag belts, so in the end, TDC is looking bright after all… It’s a very big stage for an idol. It’s amazing to get to have a singles match with a wrestler from overseas, but on the other hand… she’s an English-speaker, right? I’ve never wrestled someone who doesn’t speak Japanese. But I don’t want to use language—etymology?—I don’t know!” (laughs) “—I want to win with something other than words.”

The second half of her comment was trickier. She said, “鈴芽とは夏が始まった頃から、私たちが頑張りたいなって思ってた1人だったので。今回、ここで2人でシングルって言うのはものすごいおっきいことだなって思ったし。だから、メインとしてちゃんとメインにふさわしい試合を鈴芽と私でしないといけないなって言う風にも感じていて。先輩がいないと『東京女子は楽しいけどメインがちょっと…』って言われたらどうしようって不安な気持ちを抱いて今日は闘ってたんですけど。そういうのではなく、ちゃんとお客さんが幸せな気持ちで帰ってくれてたらいいなって気持ちです.”

Here’s what I had:

(Today, two wrestlers from the new generation were entrusted with the main event)

“Since summer started, Suzume has been working really hard alongside me. So I thought that the two of us having a singles match today was a really big deal. And I felt that we had to have a match that was worthy of being the main event. My senpais weren’t here, so as I was wrestling, I was worrying about what I’d do if people said ‘TJPW is fun, but the main event was a bit…’ But it didn’t turn out like that, so I hope the audience went home happy.”

I think I got the first half of Suzume’s comments:

Suzume: "To be honest, it was a crazy hot summer. It was a bit… how should I say it… I’m not going to take a breather, but I was thinking about it when I suddenly got this chance. But my opponent was Miu-san, and she’s a senpai whom I really, really respect. We’re close in age, and she said ‘let’s do our best together!’ so I wanted to live up to that… and above all, I wanted to surpass her. I fought her with everything I did to get to this point, and everything I can do now, but… in the end, she was unbelievably strong. Of course, I also want more people to know about TJPW, and I’m going to keep conveying it to all sorts of people, including people overseas. Miu-san is an incredible wrestler, and I feel like she’ll amaze anyone who watches her regardless of which country they’re from. I want her to take that belt back and make herself known to as many people as possible.”

The next half tripped me up right away, though. I wasn’t quite sure I understood what the interviewer was asking: “(あまり泣いている姿は見せないと思うが?)けっこう泣き虫かも(苦笑)。(普段と違うように感じました)でも、いつも悔しくて悔しくてっていうのはもちろんあるんですけど…今日はなんだろう.”

(I don’t think we’ve ever seen you cry this much)

“I can be quite a crybaby.” (laughs)

(It felt different from usual)

“I always feel frustrated and disappointed, of course, but… what is it about today? Going out there and doing my best, it feels kind of freeing, or I guess fulfilling. But I can’t help but feel frustrated.”

I think I got this part, though I wasn’t sure about her last sentence here: “(この夏の成長や期待はどう受け止めている?)この夏に向けてとか、夏にやったことは決して無駄じゃなくて。でもそれでも、まだまだ足りないものだらけなので。未詩さんをはじめとした先輩たちに負けないように。危険な存在になっていきたいと思います.”

Here’s my attempt, plus the rest of her comments:

(How do you feel about your growth and all of the expectations this summer?)

“Everything I did going into summer, and during summer, it wasn’t in vain. But even so, it wasn’t enough, in so many ways. I’m not going to lose to my senpais, starting with Miu-san. I want to have a dangerous presence.”

(Do you feel like you’ve discovered what you’re lacking?)

“I don’t think my fighting style is wrong. I believe I was able to fight today even with Miu-san as my opponent, so I’m going to keep moving forward along this path.”

And that’s it for that show! The next show doesn’t have a whole lot of comments to translate, but it does have a contract signing, haha :sweat_smile:. I do think I’m getting faster, though, and hopefully am having less questions!