Level 60! I'm so happy

I just new here.
I download a script from this link.

Can you guys tell me how to install or using a script ?
(I using Chrome)
Thank you !

You’ll need to follow the instructions listed here to properly install it: [Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline

Usage instructions are also there.


Wow congratulations!


please pardon my atrocious gif editing skills xD i think im having more fun than i should making these XDD i should probably get back to my reviews now…


Very impressive!

Have you tried any of the JLPT exams? Now you’re level 60, do you think you can pass N2 (even though you said your grammar is approx N3)

I would say that if I study my grammar a bit and read a bit more for a little while like I should’ve I can easily kick N2 out of the park, yes.

That is an awesome gif! Thanks :laughing:

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thank you!

Congratulations, that’s really impressive! I’m at the start of the process now but hope I can get to where you are with similar accuracy and speed :blush:

Wow, this is really impressive and motivating, congratulations on getting there so fast ! :smiley:

Congratz! That was some amazing speed.

Such dedication! Congratulations.

Meanwhile I only have 5 levels left but…
Even last 10 levels (which are supposed to be achieved by only 4~5 days per level) are so effin’ slow…
I’m trying so hard to stick with proper timeline to work on all reviews, only ended up in vain.

Wish I could reach 60 already T_T


you can also change the order in which you receive lessons in your settings. I have it set to ascending level, then item type. That way i have to finish the lessons of the previous level before starting the radicals of the new level.

What did you use to study vocab outside of wanikani ? Just a premade anki deck ?

Hmm, to do it in one year means no wrong answers. To do that I think one could use aides like flash cards. The kanji flash cards needed are provided during the lesson, when the review is ready, the flash cards or other aides can be referenced so that no mistakes are made thus speeding up level advancement. It’s still impressive to complete even with memory aides. For me personally I use my memory only, because wanikani levels mean nothing to me. It’s just a tool to help me learn kanji. I know my journey to learn Japanese to the point I freely speak and read enough Japanese so I don’t feel like a foolish Gaijin the next time I am there is a very long one.

congrats friend !!!

I really don’t understand how you can level up in 3 days or so. It just looks impossible because i don’t think so. I spend the whole week or two just for kanjis. And even if you get everything right & do reviews like almost every hour, it will still take alteast a week or even more than that. Is there some secret behind your such rapid progress. Please let me know so that even i can start doing that way.

Latter levels don’t need radicals to level up, so 3 days in enough to guru the kanji.

Espera por mi, ¡Ya casi llego!


Wow, incredible! Congrats!