Level 60! I'm so happy

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Holy smoke, that consistency ! Incredible ! Bravo.
How did you manage to keep wk to 1-2 hour per day even during the crazy fast levels at the end ?!

Congratulations man :slight_smile: Keep on the good work.

Btw can you tell me how you got the pretty bar chart?

I actually have no idea how I did that I just did it every single day no matter what is all I know


It’s from wkstats

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The dreaded Level 14

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Congratulations on your speed! As someone that also sped through WK, I know the dedication that it takes to achieve something like you did :slight_smile:

Enjoy this new achievement of yours and start thinking about your next step in this journey of mastering Japanese :wink:


On to 古文! :grinning:


Are you a machine or… :open_mouth:

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Yeah I’m a plane :sunglasses:


Oh gaaaahd, I noticed your avatar just now :joy: Certainly you are, hahaha!



I should have guessed because of your index of unlocked items per day in the japanese classroom

Congrats on level 60! Hope to catch up with you sometime soon!!

Enjoy your new acquired super power


Conglaturashon! The consistency is admirable

This is incredibly impressive… is there anyone who knows how to install the Ultimate Reorder Script and would be willing to provide the exact steps below?? :smiley

If you could that would be extraordinary! Many thanks!!!

Well, I found something called Recorder Ultimate here The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps but it says " Reorder Ultimate by xMunch: order your lessons and reviews by level or type of item (radicals/kanji/vocab) in whatever order you wish. very customizable. WARNING: PLEASE USE THIS SCRIPT RESPONSIBLY AS MISUSE WILL RESULT IN A BACKLOG OF REVIEWS AND/OR LESSONS. " so I’m too intimidated to use it

Your times and accuracy are insane. Congratulations!