Has anyone actually reached level 60?

Hi guys! I’m really enjoying WaniKani, I’m just wondering, given how slow my progress is, has anybody actually reached level 60? How long did it take you?
Just want to get a sense of what’s realistic. Thanks!



As long as you dedicate the time and get into a good routine, it’s pretty reasonable to get to level 60 within a couple years…

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No :durtle_love:

Heheh, to answer your question, it took me a little less than 2 years ^^

Here’s my timeline if you’re interested:



I think I read somewhere that 22 people reach level 60 every month.

Yes, I have. It took me about a year.

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So yeah, I’m pretty darn slow (Probably related to my being pretty darn dumb)
Granted, I did take two ~3 month “Breaks” (only doing reviews), but still.

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What’s “realistic” is really dependent on the individual, how much time they can commit, etc.

If you want to improve your speed, the following are essential:

  1. Prioritize radical and kanji lessons (although don’t fall behind on vocab lessons either!)
  2. Spend as much time as you need on the lessons to really think about the mnemonics. If you can come up with your own, that’s even better (imo)
  3. Try your best to do your 1st (4 hour) and 2nd (8 hour) review on time - not only does it significantly improve your retention rates, it also helps get your items to guru much faster.

That being said, it’s also important that you go at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Some people are comfortable going at the maximum pace (6 days 20 hours for most levels), but a lot of people are not, and that’s ok. Better to go at a comfortable than go way too fast and either get frustrated, or get burnt out (or both :tired_face:)


Nice stats! How did you get that graph? Did you compile the data yourself or is it here somewhere and if I search hard enough I’ll find one for me too?

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it’s in wkstats.com, same for daisukejigen’s stats…


ありがとう ! ^^

As @rmizuno mentioned, you can go to wkstats.com and put in your API key (which you can find on your account page here)


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Yo you’re from UCONN? I’m a senior chemistry major at UConn

Perhaps about 18-20 months?

I was active during the older system (which had longer/slower guru timings for radicals), it’s a bit faster these days.

Someday I will be level 60, someday…


If I keep it up January next year. Would be a little under a year. But I have a good motivation: I want to partake in the exchange program of my Uni with UTokyo (the best uni in japan).

No it’s a lie imposed by the system to give you false hope


I’d say that if you’re going for 10 to 14 days/level, you’re going okay. If you’re going slower than that, there are things you can do to improve. If you’re going any faster, you’re insane hard worker :smiley:

Notice that this is just about Wanikani. There is a lot of work to be done outside of WK too.


Actually just someone who grew up in Connecticut and is a fan of the sports teams, though it’s also where my parents met.

I’d say that if you’re going for 10 to 14 days/level, you’re going okay. If you’re going slower than that, there are things you can do to improve. If you’re going any faster, you’re insane hard worker

Maybe I’m just defending myself here, since it’s my average rate outside of some long breaks due to extenuating circumstances, but I feel like roughly two levels a month is an okay rate. Your Wanikani time is also going to depend on your lifestyle and even your other study habits. There have been days I haven’t gotten to Wanikani, but I’m definitely studying other Japanese.

I feel like as long as you’re progressing steadily and not getting caught on too many leeches (which would indicate you’re not learning certain material), you’re okay at whatever the rate is.


Some people insist if you’re not focusing your time 100% on learning Japanese or something then you shouldn’t even be bothering with it… that is if you take that long to level then you’re not really serious about Japanese or something. I’ve run into quite a few of those on this site lol.

I agree though (EDIT: with Ian, not the naysayers). WK itself is not an indicator anyways as to how well you know Japanese or even kanji itself, it’s just how far you’ve gotten on WK. You can be a high level and know nothing about Japanese or be a low level and know a lot.

Just as long as you keep going and don’t stop you’ll do just fine. Having motivation and goals to finish at a certain rate are great but remember that life happens & it’s okay to fit your resources to suit your life, no matter what anyone else tells you.


For those of you who manage to level up quickly, how much time roughly do/did you spend on learning Japanese every day? Are/were you learning it at school/uni? Did you do other Japanese learning activities? I have tried to get my level time up and on occasion I’ve been right where I feel I need to be (15 new lessons a day) but then I end up with too many Apprentices and a mountain of reviews as a result. I’m thinking maybe I simply don’t have enough time available right now to keep trying, which is a pity because surely more exposure to the language would help it to stick. At the same time I’m quite proud to have made it this far so soon (compared to many others I know who can barely read 300 kanji after years of formal study).