Level 60! I'm so happy

Are you sure you didn’t mean already?

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In order to level up, you need to guru at least 90 % of the level’s kanji. Usually, you need to guru the radicals first in order to unlock enough kanji to level up. Given the following SRS interval charts:

SRS Level Next Level Total Wait Review
Apprentice 1 4h - Lesson
Apprentice 2 8h 4h 1
Apprentice 3 ~1d 12h 2
Apprentice 4 ~2d 1d 11h 3
Guru 1 ~1w 3d 10h 4
Guru 2 ~2w 1w 3d 9h 5
Master ~1M 3w 3d 8h 6
Enlightened ~4M 7w 5d 7h 7
Burned - 24w 6d 6h 8

You need 3 days and 10 hours to guru the radicals + 3 days and 10 hours to guru the kanji, leading to a ideal level-up time of 6 days and 20 hours.

However, for some levels (the ones @Unscef1 completed under 5 days), you already unlock more than 90 % of the kanji right away, so the ideal level-up time drops to 3 days and 10 hours, but only for these levels.


I can say that I took N2 right after hitting 60 and passed. Granted I took longer to reach 60 (a year and a half), but I had no background before that. And my vocab score was like 50/60, by far the strongest part. Jah bless wanikani.


Damn, N2 in 18 months is quite impressive. 4 years and still N3…


But you did do grammar and reading and so beside WK right? How much of that (and what), if I may ask?



That’s incredible ! well done.

Did you study the kanji in between reviews, or do you just have an awesome memory?

Seriously impressive achievement. :grin:

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Where’d you find that data?


You just need to enter your API key, which can be found here (scroll down a bit)


Congratulations! The fast levels are no joke. Also impressed that you managed a decent level of grammar at the same time (you might think it wasn’t enough but N3 is way more than I managed). Good luck keeping on. :+1:

All 60 levels in just a year - I don’t know if that is amazing or disgusting. A bit of both I think. Most impressive.

I’ve been living in Japan for two years so it’s kind of cheating haha. But if you push through a little more of WK I’m sure you’ll be at N2 in no time :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I live in Japan so I’ve gotten a fair bit of listening and reading exposure through everyday life. Grammar’s hardest for me but I really like the kanzen master books. (And love tae kim for the earlier stuff). Once I finished WK I also started reading harry potter on kindle which has been pretty enjoyable; the built in Japanese->English dictionary makes it very doable.


All you guys living in Japan //jealous
Wanna too!

That being said, keep up the good work!


And omg, such insane dedication, you are my idol :star_struck:
I’m new here btw (my first post). Now I feel even more motivated to work hard


Me too Kalas, but that’s okay, we’ll get there at our own speed :slight_smile:


Congrats! I hope I’ll get there anytime :sweat_smile:

Guess what!? I’m golden-level-sixty!


Coming back here to report that finally I can see my golden badge on my avatar…


My 1.5 years…



Very impressive level-up stats. You’re the Holy Crabigator’s favourite disciple.

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really unbelievable impressive overview! you worked hard for this, congratulations!
may i ask how you can get these stats? is that available as soon as one is a full member?