Finally level 60 😃✌️

Hi all.
I did it!!
I am (painfully) aware that this isn’t the end of kanji or even WaniKani, but for now I’m just enjoying the milestone.

This is my graph (you can get one for yourself here).

It took me four entire years to finish WK. As you can see, I wasn’t the most consistent. I did end up finishing without breaking a year on any one level, though. I think I can be proud of that.

As I’ve mentioned on other places in WK, I’ll be taking the JLPT N1 in December. I’ve been using the 新完全マスター series for vocab and Bunpro for grammar. When I run out of stuff to do on Bunpro, I’ll move on to a N1 grammar drill book and jtest4you. I’ll be happy if I pass but it’s honestly a toss-up at this point. I’ll keep you guys updated :smile:

Finally, a little bit of my 黒歴史 (a picture my of first post on the Wanikani forum).

I’m proud to say I eventually figured out the difference between な- and い- adjectives (and many, many other facets of Japanese), due in no small measure to the creators of Wanikani and Textfugu. Thank you guys so much for creating learner-friendly and efficient methods of studying and a supportive environment that welcomes all.
Thank you to all the community members who answered my questions and dealt with me (especially back when I was 12; I was pretty annoying).
Thank you to all the script writers; kudos to anyone who can reach level 60 without the ignore script because I sure couldn’t have.
Last but not least, thank you to me for sticking with this thing for a grand total of four years. I don’t know how I did it.

I don’t post much but I’ll be sticking around here so this isn’t goodbye :slight_smile:




Woooooooooooooo! (yes, WaniKani, this is a complete sentence)


juz started recently hope to achieve to that lvl some days

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Congratulations :confetti_ball:

What a milestone to achieve and good luck with the N1 test.

A small question, what’s the ignore script?



How many hours per day did you use WaniKani on average (on your fast levels).
For me it seems impossible to level up at that speed!


well done.

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Now you’re on your own, this is even more exciting.

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Congratulations! :3

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Congratulations and good luck on your test in December! You can do it :v:

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the last levels are faster than you can do, because they are shorter.

Generally it is possible to do a level in 6 days 20 hours. But that will require you doing certain lessons and reviews (new radicals and their kanji afterwards) instantly when they come up. When I tried to go at that speed it took me probably around 2 hours a day on many days.

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Time to enjoy that well-earned level 60 cake :cake::grin::tada:



Best of luck on the N1, and great job on always getting back in the saddle. Your graph is interesting because of the skew on the early levels - did you get more interested in Japanese at some point, or just prioritise WK/kanji study differently?

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Excellent, congrats!

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@Borx ありがとう!
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@iNomNomAwesome Wooooooo!!!

@johnsonversion Try to stay consistent but don’t hate yourself if you slip up; just try to get back into a groove.


@MinimalTao It’s very exciting but scary in equal measure. WK gamifies kanji learning and it feels soo different to use native material as my main resource. (I wouldn’t even be able to read a kids’ book without WK though- totally worth it.)

「ありがとう gif」の画像検索結果


(it’s cake)

@hmapy thank you!


Thank you so much!!
It might be more commonly known as the Wanikani Override script. [OBSOLETE] Wanikani Override ("ignore answer button")
It adds a button at the bottom of your review screen that lets you retry a review. I use it for really bad spelling mistakes that are marked wrong and also when I’m close enough meaning-wise that I would mark it correct (this can get very dangerous very quickly so be careful if you decide to use the script).

I used WK for about an hour a day in the fast levels. It wasn’t that bad to be honest, I just took a break whenever I felt it was too much (hence my 5 day levels).

Thank you for the words of encouragement!
I was never disinterested in Japanese, I just stopped using WK consistently for a while. I thought I could learn kanji by osmosis, and stopped using WK, but that only worked up to about level 25 kanji. A year ago I decided I’d come back to WK again and learn properly. I have yet to regret my decision :smiley:

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Only an hour a day? I’ve just entered the fast levels and I feel like I’ve spent much more than that lately. Not sure if your memory is just that good or I spend too much time per item :thinking:

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(Read the following at your own risk)

Definitely not the right way to use WK

I had a habit of just flipping through kanji lessons a couple of times without actually using the mnemonics. I then left it up to repeated reviews to memorize the kanji. Not a good idea but definitely a fast one.

(I haven’t had much trouble remembering the kanji from 45-60 using this method but I still wouldn’t recommend it.)

Also: I left a lot of my burn/enlightened reviews until I reached Level 60 and I’m in the process of doing them right now. Not a bad idea.