Level 21 before 2021!

Are there any other low-level WaniKani users out there who would like to be my study buddies and race to complete level 20 by the end of 2020 and open level 21 before January 1st 2021?

Please jump in if you’re low-level and want to work towards this goal together with me!


Username Goal Speed Original Level Current Level
\color{black}\mathrm{Level} \color{red}\mathrm{21}
YourNameHere 21 x days joined: x current: x
\color{black}\mathrm{Levels} \color{black}\mathrm{16 - 20}
YourNameHere 21 x days joined: x current: x
\color{black}\mathrm{Levels} \color{black}\mathrm{10-15}
Pearldrummer7 26 15 days joined: 12 current: 14
Tiagobione 23 15 days joined: 11 current: 12
HilbertXVI 21 10 days joined: 6 current: 10
TedLoukas 21 10 days joined: 5 current: 10
\color{black}\mathrm{Levels} \color{black}\mathrm{6 - 9}
Marifly 21 10 days joined: 3 current: 9
Victor866 21 14 days joined: 7 current: 9
tetraflu0ride 21 x days joined: 8 current: 9
Matskye 21 7 days joined: 3 current: 8
postliminal 21 8 days joined: 5 current: 8
Relmuis 21 x days joined: 6 current: 8
PaperbackAddict 21 x days joined: 8 current: 8
monkeyshine89 35 7.5 days joined: 3 current: 8
KyokaJiro 21 11 days joined: 7 current: 8
Dandi 21 8 days joined: 5 current: 7
Mikaela_desu 30 92 days joined: 6 current: 7
nooby 21 x days joined: 7 current: 7
AaronGomez 30 8 days joined: 6 current: 7
Marc2lyon 21 8 days joined: 3 current: 7
Irwigo 21 x days joined: 4 current: 6
OikawaTooru 21 x days joined: 5 current: 6
\color{black}\mathrm{Levels} \color{black}\mathrm{1 - 5}
Huwinner 21 10 days joined: 4 current: 5
tnetennba3 21 7 days joined: 3 current: 5
Teckna 21 10 days joined: 3 current: 5
kimnguyen417 21 10 days joined:3 current: 5
Vergl 21 8 days joined: 3 current: 5
antibody 21 6 days joined: 3 current: 5
Cascades 21 x days joined: 4 current: 4
Pamplemouss 21 10 days joined: 4 current: 4
Xae 21 x days joined: 3 current: 3
H3x 21 14 days joined:1 current: 3

Good idea! I’m in :slight_smile:

Who has some tips for additional study material? I’m using Japanese the Manga Way (love it), 80/20 Japanese, and the little yellow grammar book of course. Youtube: Cure Dolly (if it clicks, it clicks…) and Japanese Ammo.


I’m using the Jalup app, love it! https://japaneselevelup.com/


Is there any reason you plan on going that slow? Like I don’t expect everyone to try and set a new speed record for clearing 1-60 but just curious


We’ve got a Race to your Goal December 2020 JLPT, which goes until 06th of December. You can join if you want, even if you don’t take JLPT.

For exmaple, I’ve set myself 30 as a goal.


Whenever I speed through things I eventually burn out. Therefore I want to set my goal low so I can take it easy. I like the idea of finishing level 20 by the end of 2020 too :wink:


I think all the posts about people making it to level 60 in a little over a year are causing skewed perceptions of what’s a good speed. It’s certainly a subjective thing, but I don’t think that this speed is slow. Especially if you consider that one can get started with a lot of reading long before level 60, and I think that regular reading is one of the best ways to build a strong vocabulary and intuitive sense of the language.


I bet two weeks per level is faster than the median level up time for long term, active users of WK.

Lots of people start out faster but then burn out. The trick is to find a consistent speed that’s sustainable to the end.


Oh finally a group with a goal even I can achieve. :laughing: :laughing:


I am also in :slight_smile: I will aim for 25 though.
At university we use the marugoto books - good for classroom, not good for self study. I also use Genki for refreshing grammar, etc and a few JLPT books as I plan to take the N5 in July. It might get cancelled due to Corona (it should take place in a very affected region) though.


This is the truth. Case study: me. xD


Fair call I can appreciate arbitrary cut offs to match numbers

Was just wondering really since I had thought 30 was a moderate rate for some one in March to get to so 20 seemed low to me
But everyone has their own motivations so paces are bound to vary.
Like I want to do n2 in December so I’m trying to stay close to the max speed you can go and am aiming for like 50+


I’ve gotten to level 10 before and burned out. Slower (10+ days per level) seems to work better for me. I have a day job, a relationship, a dog and lots of other hobbies. I’m also learning Spanish and I’m trying to get my French up to fluency level. That’s why I’m planning to go slow this time :slight_smile:


That’s a good goal. :slight_smile: My one year anniversary on WK was in Feb I was around level 24 then.

15 days per level is a good pace if you have a bunch of other stuff going on and struggle to set aside even an hour for WK.



Ooo! I will most certainly tag along for the ride. I am nearing the end of level 3. I just need to complete a few more kanji and then learn 20 or so vocabulary. I should be on level 3 by next week, basically.

I try to do 10+ things per day. If radicals are involved, I might do 20 or so because radicals are easier (at least in the early levels). I have never once forgotten a radical and their meanings always come to the forefront of my mind whenever I see them, so yeah. I tend to do more in a day if the vocab are the same as the kanji, too. Like with the kanji and vocab: 犬 (いぬ)

Looking forward to learning alongside you, basically. Getting to the beginning of level 21 by the end of this year seems doable.


Perfect! I’m so glad that we are many here around the same level!

Looking forward to learning alongside you too!


Yup, same here. Full time job, kids, Life! Plus I know that a typical pattern for me is to start something, do too much too soon, burn out, not learn the lesson, do the same thing over again. This time I want to learn from my past mistakes!


Well said to both of you.

For me? I don’t have kids, relationships, etc. To be honest, my only excuse for going “slow” is that I want to not feel like I am rushing. I am on day 42 or something of level 2. That’s… bad. I believe I did too much in one go near the beginning and that’s why I just sort of stopped doing stuff.

I have been consistently doing my Japanese studies for the past few days now that I have gotten into a new routine. I have reimersed myself in Japanese stuff, too. Like watching videos of places in Japan, listening to Japanese songs (favourite is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlffXlFKqo8 right now).

Ah. Learning Japanese is a lot like riding a roller coaster, to be honest. Fun, though! Good luck to everyone else who has had a rough start. As long as you don’t give up on your dream of learning the language, you’re bound to come back one day and get a good routine going. =D


I don’t think that it’s slow tbh.
Anyways try not to think too much about your goal and more about being disciplined. I know that you are starting out and you have dreams an all that, but to be honest they aren’t really that useful.
There is a type of person here and everywhere else that gets done what they say they are gonna do, and maybe you are one of those. But many of us don’t have their discipline and work ethic, and maybe it’s better for us to think less about plans and more about actual daily work. I mean I planned finishing wk in 2 years, and here I am after like 4 lol. It’s really harder than it seems and like I said planning something like that might work for some, but if you know you tend not to finish things, like me, well we better just stop thinking or talking about our goals too much, because it makes us feel good like we already got the achievement and then we lose motivation.


I totally agree with you. Seeing some posts where people race through WK might especially screw with people who are new to WK or learning japanese in general.

Reading does take up quite a bit of time and you are gonna be a bit slower when you’re doing other things outside WK (obviously). But reading is probably one of the best ways to learn/study a language IMO.

Although I think you shouldn’t go too slow, since you might lose interest or something like that, the bar is different for everyone and everyone learns differently. In the end if you get it done, it probably doesn’t really matter how long it took you.