Let's understand song lyrics!

They don’t have to be done in order

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It’s not really an expression in itself (or then it’s pretty literal). Somethingのこと means “about something”.
Here, it’s so place when the action took place.
So, yeah, “on a day like usual” or something like that would be a valid translation. Not sure about how it sounds in English, but making things sound natural is always the hard part anyway. (Also it’s kind of beyond the scope of the exercise, I guess?)

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Nice idea! Being able to understand songs is probably the #1 source of joy I’ve got out of learning this language so this sounds fun, and I’ll definitely have loads of songs to suggest when this one is done :grin:


I don’t listen to Japanese songs a lot but this is a beautiful song!
Are the ??? where you can fill? If so, here are some insight:

「あれがデネブ、アルタイル、ベガ」 - Those are Deneb, Altair and Vega ((stars))
君は指さす夏の大三角 - The stars of the Summer Triangle you point at
覚えて空を見る -
やっと見つけた織姫様 - Finally found Princess Orihime
だけどどこだろう彦星様 - But where is Prince Tanabata
これじゃひとりぼっち - In this case (I’m?) still alone.

  • To provide some context, in Japanese there’s a story called Tanabata. It’s a story of two star crossed lovers (literally). As a form of punishment for not following God’s orders they are separated, only to be destined to meet once a year in the skies. So on that day the Japanese celebrate Tanabata festival, hanging lanterns, etc and wish for a beautiful reunion. I tried to be as brief as possible, and I haven’t read the story in a long time, but you can check the folk tales here and here



Remember and look at the sky?

いつもどおり means something like “the same as usual;” いつも is always, and どおり is most closely translated as “the same way as~” or “the same manner as~.”

That’s the literal meaning, but I wasn’t sure how it fit in. I think it means something like, “I look at the sky remembering that time”

Also, as a resident astronomer I have to mention that 織姫様(おりひめさま)and 彦星様(ひこぼしさま)are other names for Vega and Altair, which is a fun double meaning detail. I think what’s being implied is that the speaker is 織姫様 and the person she mentions is 彦星様, but in English the metaphor is kind of messy. I’d probably translate it something like:

やっと見つけた織姫様 - I’ve finally found Princess Orihime
だけどどこだろう彦星様 - But where is Prince Tanabata?
これじゃひとりぼっち - Without him, she’ll be all alone

and just assume that my reader will understand the metaphor. It’s not a direct translation, but the essence of the idea is still there. (I don’t like translating song lyrics too directly because they’re basically poems, so the authors leave out a lot of words, particles…verbs…)


So Deneb is the third wheel in this relationship? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh!! Bakemonogatari ED

Me like

Oh good I’m addicted to this one.

And nice idea! It just happened that my friend and I suggested doing this last weekend (between us I mean, not on WK). Good to have it here too.

Personally I started with One Piece’s We Are for now. I will follow this post nevertheless.

“Remember to look at the sky”, I guess

Could these be along the lines of:
あの夏の日 - that summer day
きらめく星 - those shining stars
今でも思い出せるよ - even now I can remember
笑った顔も - Your face when you laughed
怒った顔も - Your face when you got angry
大好きでした - I loved it

I wouldn’t know how to make it song-like, but could it basically mean, “Even now I can remember that summer day with the shining stars. I loved the way your face looked when you laughed and when you got angry”?

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that’d be more like 空を見るのを覚える

pretty sure this is “i look at the sky, remembering (previous line)”

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これじゃひとりぼっち “all alone here”

これ this(これで here)
じゃ combination of で and は particles
ひとりぼっち aloneness, loneliness, solitude

*I’m not sure who is alone here - is it the singer, identifying with Vega; or Altair, who can’t be seen?

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I went ahead and filled in the remaining gaps, although there were still some nuances I didn’t quite get and noted as such in the details. Wanted to contribute a fresh one. Should be no harder than the last one…

Editable lyrics 3 posts down. Not gonna help out with this one since I’ve listened to this a million times already, and wanna see what yall come up with :slight_smile:

Nice! I understand the gist of it now from what others such as you have helped with. Do you mind making your post a wiki so everyone can add to it/edit it?

Ooh… I don’t actually have the wrench button next to the edit button. Do you lose it when you lose the ‘regular’ badge? shakes fist

Wanna just put the lyrics in your post? Here’s the markup: https://pastebin.com/raw/40JKWuYb

Oh I didn’t realize it was restricted to regulars, yea I can do that for you.

「雨の匂いに懐かしくなるのは何でなんでしょうか。 - ???
夏が近づくと胸が騒めくのは何でなんでしょうか。 - ???
人に笑われたら涙がでるのは何でなんでしょうか。 - ???
それでもいつか報われるからと思えばいいんでしょうか。」 - ???

さよならって言葉でこんなに胸を裂いて - ???
今もたった数瞬の夕焼けに足が止まっていた - ???

「先生、人生相談です。 - ???
この先どうなら楽ですか。 - ???
そんなの誰もわかりはしないよなんて言われますか。 - ???
ほら、苦しさなんて欲しいわけない。 - ???
何もしないで生きていたい。 - ???
青空だけが見たいのは我儘ですか。」 - ???

「胸が傷んでも嘘がつけるのは何でなんでしょうか。 - ???
悪い人ばかりが得をしてるのは何でなんでしょうか。 - ???
幸せの文字が¥を含むのは何でなんでしょうか。 - ???
一つ線を抜けば辛さになるのはわざとなんでしょうか。」 - ???

青春って値札が背中に貼られていて - ???
ヒッチコックみたいなサスペンスをどこか期待していた - ???
「先生、どうでもいいんですよ。 - ???
生きてるだけで痛いんですよ。 - ???
ニーチェもフロイトもこの穴の埋め方は書かないんだ - ???

ただ夏の匂いに目を瞑って、 - ???
雲の高さを指で描こう。 - ???
想い出だけが見たいのは我儘ですか。」 - ???

「ドラマチックに人が死ぬストーリーって - ???
売れるじゃないですか。 - ???
花の散り際にすら値が付くのも嫌になりました。 - ???

先生の夢は何だったんですか。 - ???
大人になると忘れちゃうものなんですか。」 - ???

「先生、人生相談です。 - ???
この先どうなら楽ですか。 - ???
涙が人を強くするなんて全部詭弁でした。 - ???

あぁ、この先どうでもいいわけなくて、 - ???
現実だけがちらついて、 - ???
夏が遠くて。 - ???

これでも本当にいいんですか。 - ???
このまま生きてもいいんですか。 - ???
そんなに君にしかわからないよなんて言われますか。 - ???

ただ夏の匂いに目を瞑りたい。 - ???
いつまでも風に吹かれたい。 - ???
青空だけが見たいのは我儘ですか。」 - ???

あなただけを知りたいのは我儘ですか - ???

oh i actually have a better idea, let’s keep it in the top post so ppl don’t have to keep scrolling to find it

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